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The Sixth Sense (1999)

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Since I can't find any review about this movie. So, I'll make one.

The Sixth Sense (1999)
This movie delivers and it will surprise you.

This is one of my all time favorites. You would feel creepy when you go to sleep after watching this movie. The scary part is not because of the surprise or pop up moments and also not because of some revolting characters. The whole situation in the movie creates this feeling and therefore, this is a great movie. The ending offers a surprise for you who can’t guess what has happened. However, I feel that you should concentrate and imagine this movie deeply in order to enjoy and value it.

The movie is about Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a children psychiatrist who feels lost in his life. He finds difficulty to understand his situation and on top of that his relationship with his wife is getting worse. One day he meets with Cole Sears (Haley Joel Osment), a boy who has problems in socializing with other kids. This boy separates himself from others and spends his time by playing in the church. With a great effort and patience, Dr. Crowe manages to gradually open up Cole’s source of problem. Cole says that he sees dead people around him. This revelation strikes Dr. Crowe and he cannot believe it. He thinks that Cole has hallucination problem. However, the relationship between doctor and patient continues and develops even further. In the end, both are helping each other to overcome each person’s problem.

Bruce and Haley interact nicely in the movie. Haley’s mom (Toni Collette) performs emotionally as a single mother who tries desperately to protect and understand his son. However, special praise goes for Haley in this movie. His performance is just outstanding in every aspect. This is definitely one of the best child actor performances of all time. I really feel that the Oscar should be his (no offence to Mr. Michael Caine).

To sum up, this is a great drama-horror movie, one of a kind. I highly recommend this movie and the ending offers a fascinating twist and surprise. I give 10/10.
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even though it has been since 1999 that movie has been out, i am still surprised that people do not reveal the ending. which by the way is the best ending of all time... i am always shocked even now!!!

I don't like critics saying that there's a big and unexpected twist in a movie, because it often ruins it. If you know that there's a twist, it's much easier to guess what it is. I know that the fact that critics couldn't keep their mouth shut about the twist probably helped The Sixth Sense at the Box Office in 1999, but it somewhat ruined the experience for many moviegoers, because they connected the dots they might have not had they not known that there was a "big, shocking surprise".

Thankfully, the movie isn't just about the twist, so you can watch it more than once, and not just to see the "I should have known" parts, but because it had a touching story and great performances, and its scares were based, like RYS said, not on gore or monsters jumping out of the dark, but the entire creepy atmosphere that Shyamalan have created.

this movie was awesome and it's a classic one..i really like the story flow..the ending was great..
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WARNING: "The Sixth Sense" spoilers below
It was a great story... the first time I've watch it was I never thought that Bruce is already dead that he is actually a lost soul following the Kid!!! And I actually thought that the kid's mother is actually seeing him while he was in his home and all!!! It surprise me big time...

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Please don't give away endings to films on the boards. I wrapped spoiler tags around the offending material.
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the ending was good for me.. what a twist!

love the performance of Haley Osment here..

This movie is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. It is a work of art, an wonderful, emotional experience and a true classic. There's really not much more to say...the acting is excellent, particularly from young Haley Joel Osment, who had a hard task in portraying the extremely deep character of Cole Sear. Bruce Willis, as well, gives an outstanding performance in the best role I've seen him in before or since. At once touching, suspenseful, joyous, sad, and shocking, The Sixth Sense is a movie everyone should see at least once. Don't let its categorization by some as a horror movie scare you isn't a horror movie. It's a drama, and one of the greatest ones of all at that.

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nice review up there, yeah the ending is very moving it is like the skeleton key , the ending is quite cool

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Originally Posted by emir
Thankfully, the movie isn't just about the twist, so you can watch it more than once, and not just to see the "I should have known" parts, but because it had a touching story and great performances...
This is exactly what I say to people when talking about this film. Easily in my top five films of all time, not for the twist but for such excellent excellent storytelling and superb performances. Toni Collete is wonderful in this, and it was so good to see Bruce Willis in another of his more subdued performances. I could watch this film over and over again for the scene with Cole and his mum in the car. Great stuff.

The annoying outcome of this however, was that the twist was so successful and clever, that M Night has become pigeon holed as the director who delivers a twist in his storytelling. Maybe not so much now after the release of Lady In The Water, but I think a lot of unwarranted criticism is thrown his way by movie fans for not living up to his first film.
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