There Will Be Blood


Paul Thomas Anderson's new film

What are your thoughts about this and his other films ? For me this is looks to be an amazing film - PTA has directed two of the greatest movies Magnolia and Boogie Nights. He also directed two of the most boring movies Punch Drunk Love and Hard Eight - but this looks a lot more similar to Magnolia than anything so I can only expect a masterpiece.

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I am really interested in this film if only because Daniel Day Lewis is in it, and the score is composed by Johnny Greenwood.

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I love all four of his films so far. I expect this one will be good. It will be coming to Des Moines within the next week or so, and I'll catch it then.
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And what I find perhaps funniest about There Will Be Blood is after all the ridiculous knee-jerk crapola The Golden Compass got about a supposed anti-Church agenda, P.T. Anderson's newest film is a huge unabashed fu*k you to those who hide behind or glorify organized Christian religion and I haven't seen that aspect mentioned in one single review. And unlike Golden Compass, it actually was released on Christmas Day (at least in New York City and Los Angeles). You could chalk it up to the fact that not many people have seen it yet, but 98% of the people with their panties in a bunch about Phil Pullman hadn't read the book or seen the movie either, so surely that's no excuse.

Must say I enjoyed it, though. The final scene is a kicker.
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Everyone's saying there will be Oscars. Get it? There Will Be Oscars?

Anyway, I think PTA's improved with each film, and I simply can't wait to see this one. Won't be seeing it until February though as that's when it gets its UK release.
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SO I heard that There Will Be Blood was deliberately released on Boxing Day (not Christmas Day) so it could be eligible for the Oscars! That's a dirty trick in itself - now the company will put the movie in wide release on Jan 11th and it will in theaters when the nominations are announced on the 24th - by Feb 24th , Oscar night, it could still be doing big box office, and if it even gets a nod at the awards show, the studio can expect more ticket sales.
Mongol is the historical epic that Oliver Stone's Alexander tried to be.

The theatre I saw Sweeney Todd at is getting it - but I'd rather not go there : because the seats there are not very comfortable. (espicially seeing how this movie is 3 hours long).

Do you really think this film will see a wider release if it wins some oscars ?

What happened to the trailer that used to be up for this movie? It looked old school, like the frames were hand painted.
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This looks amazing!

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I hope they keep it, looks AWESOME like that.
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This is an amazing movie. In my opinion it deserves best film,if nothing else for the final scene. It is a modern day masterpiece and people will be talking about it for years too come!

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This film joins No Country For Old Men and Juno for me as a
. It's very entertaining and often quite different, but I also started laughing out loud when it became obvious (at least to me) that something was going to happen. Nobody else was laughing in the theatre, but I was, and I usually was rewarded with a response to what I was laughing at. The film is quite well-done, but I didn't find anything terribly surprising; well, maybe the final scene was surprising...

I do find this film to be powerful filmmaking, and I may personally be leaning (at this exact moment) towards this for Best Picture, but I have strong doubts it will win. Although it's not nearly as wacko as I was expecting, it bursts just enough balloons to insure that Daniel Day-Lewis will deservedly win Best Actor, but all the other nominations may go for naught. I certainly enjoyed the plot with Paul Dano's "preacher/brother" because it provided Daniel Plainview with a nemesis who sometimes seemed like he/they had the upper hand. I also enjoyed the "surprise" of Kevin J. O'Connor showing up as his brother. It definitely made the D. Plainview character far more complex.

I certainly like this movie, and Daniel Plainview is a terrific character, but I'm currently spoiled watching Berlin Alexanderplatz, and that film has some truly-complex characters, and of course, what happens with these best films (see: this one), the more you watch them, the more meaning and enjoyment they provide.
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This film joins No Country For Old Men and Juno for me as a
No Country for Old Men was a great film, up till the final scene. The end scene of the film sucked. It ended terrible. It is one of the worse endings I have ever seen.

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I thought it as a great film, up till the final scene. The end scene of the film sucked. It ended terrible. It is one of the worse endings I have ever seen.
Well, if it's any consolation, I wouldn't drink your milkshake with a ten foot long straw.

The final scene is what saved the movie for me. Even with Day-Lewis' performance I was kind of on the fence after the experience, but that last scene I love.

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