The Fellowship Of The Ring

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Well, aside from the Entertainment Weekly cover being given to the late George Harrison, the review for LOTR:FOTR can be read in the December 14th issue. For all those wanting to know, it got an A!!

This can only mean one thing. The movie rocks a**. So while we wait a few more days until release of this epic, to say the least, movie, you can contribute your thoughts to this over in the Upcoming Movies/Sequels forum to what you are expecting.
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Yes, there's no doubt. Checkout the new story below...all the reviews are positive, basically, and only one is anything less than completely praise-ridden:



It is every bit worth the wait! You'll be seeing this three or four times each, believe me. Just amazingly well done.

No fan of the book can watch it without noticing what parts have been trimmed or slightly altered, but it never detracts from the pure enjoyment of seeing what IS there and done so very, very right. In a perfect world each book would be a four or five-hour spectacle, but these three-hour installments are going to be just plain awesome.

I'm now so glad these books were never attempted at any earlier juncture with live actors. Nothing could have ever sufficed until this technology came along, if for nothing else than the Hobbits alone. We've all seen Willow. Nothing against dwarves in real life, but despite their natural size they just aren't what a Hobbit is. Hobbits are quick and agile and incredibly expressive. There are physical limitations to real Little People that would prevent them from becoming Hobbits. The photographic trickery at work here that transforms Elijah Wood and Sean Astin and Ian Holm and the others into these singular creatures is quite seemless and wonderful. The opening scenes with Gandalf at Bag End absolutely sell the process.

The entire cast is perfect. Yes, even Liv Tyler. Most in particular Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Viggo Mortensen seem as if they were born to play these roles in these films at this specific time. Very serendipitous.

The whole productuion seems like serendipity. The locations, the sets, the FX, the music, the costumes - EVERYthing is so RIGHT, again and again. So many of the images were almost exactly as my mind's eye has pictured them over the years. What higher compliment can you give such a project?

I do believe perhaps Peter Jackson's sole purpose for walking our little blue globe is to make these movies here and now. And what a noble purpose it is!

The Fellowship of the Ring wasn't the least bit disappointing for me. I smiled and laughed and sat in wonder the entire three hours. Can't hardly wait to see it again tomorrow - or rather, later today!

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Oh yeah, and geek alert: I only spotted two last night, but one guy was adorned in a full velvet cape & hood affair, and another guy in a tall, pointy wizard hat and oversized scarf. Very silly boys.

BTW, The Fellowship of the Ring was playing simultaneously at 12:01am on three screens at the cineplex where I was, and all three shows were sold-out!

Yes, a very cool feature. Anyway, I'm seeing this at 1PM today. I'll then write a review, post it on the site, and post a link here, most likely.

Now With Moveable Parts
Okay...I got in at 2:30 in the am this morning, but woke up, just so I can say, HELL YEAH!

This movie goes down as one of my all time favorites. It was a private screening for employees and their familys only. The theater owners were there, and had a big employee of their's, patrol the door, so that the little freaks outside couldn't come in.

I enjoyed this movie, with only 34 other people. You could hear a pin drop. It was heaven.

First: The trailers. Attack of the Clones, followed by Spiderman, followed by The Count of Monte Cristo, starring Guy Pierce, and the guy from Frequency and Angel Eyes. It looks like an exciting movie, and it would have to be to follow those two previews!

LOTR- I don't want to spoil a thing for you guys. You deserve to go in fresh, like I did. Just know, that it went far beyond my wildest imagination. I knew it would be great, but I had NO IDEA how great. You will all love it. Three hours went by so sister leans over to me, with tears in her eyes...and says," I would watch this movie forever." And so would I.

Little Helpful Tip: DO NOT take any small children to this movie. I don't know what it's rated, but a 13yr. old would still be afraid. There were parts when I was cringing and covering my eyes...the goblins are some of the scariest things I've seen in a long time...the Nine Riders, too.

Now With Moveable Parts
I don't need no stinkin' review! We all know it's fantastic...just gush about it on here with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now With Moveable Parts
I thought you did a good job. You didn't ramble more than any of us would. I wanted to do a review too, but I think there should only be more than one review when you have opposing opinions. Like, if Holden wrote one about Braveheart, or I wrote one. Or he wrote one about American Beauty, and I wrote one. Maybe Holden and I could be the Odd Couple of MoFo.

Well, I really don't mind having two positive reviews. Two reviews of anything is fine by me, so if someone else wants to write one, be my guest...I imagine it would even shape up into a little competition...such a film will probably be reviewed by the whole lot of you.

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!

I wish I could've seen it on a better screen, but I didn't have a screen time for the one I like going to, so I had to settle for the crapper. Which, had a B.O (that's Body Odor) count of at least 6. When it was over, which came out of nowhere for me some guy was complaining about two guys talking throughout the whole thing. They were talking, but they were talking about the movie. I just ignored them even though they were right behind me. The sound, was wavy (it's an old old theater) so in some parts the music would come in, then drift away. Got annoying after a while.

Sadie is right though, no need to review something that deserves instant praise. I do have one small gripe. The damn theater only had two trailers before the movie. John Q and Goldmember. YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!

i love this movie, but stil thought the books were better
anyone else think we should give star wars to peter jackson?
TWT- perfect choice 4.5 is a great rating
readm the books then go see this movie..... why cant next year be here yet!!!!!
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
I might have to sit and read the books now. Peter Jackson did a very good job on this. I mean the sets, characters, EVERYTHING. So yeah, Star Wars would be great in the hands of Jackson. Slip Lucas a mickie(sp.) and have Jackson take over.

I'll have to say that I thought it was good, but not great.

There were too many times when the camera lingered on a shot. I got tired of watching people stare at each other or gaze into the distance. If they had cut that out, the movie might have been 1/2 hour shorter.
Beep Beep!

Originally posted by RoadRunner
I'll have to say that I thought it was good, but not great.

There were too many times when the camera lingered on a shot. I got tired of watching people stare at each other or gaze into the distance. If they had cut that out, the movie might have been 1/2 hour shorter.
Welcome back, RR. I dunno, I'd have to disagree somewhat. A few shots were longer than need be...but I didn't notice it often. I felt it spaced things out nicely, unlike Harry Potter, which, while very, very good, felt rushed.