Southland tales - straight to DVD kinda


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I did. I am not sure if I should recommend it to you. This is one of those films that people are either going to accept the absurdity and strap in for the semi-silly but rather deep and profound experience, or they will straight up shut the thing off after 20 minutes, or maybe 20 seconds. I liked it a whole lot.
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I did. I am not sure if I should recommend it to you.
he watched it and gave it a
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Southland Tales hit a top of sixty-three screens in the U.S. in November last year. I had no interest in seeing it then, I have no interest in seeing it now.
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A system of cells interlinked
he watched it and gave it a

Oh, Five boxes it certainly isn't. I gave it four, and that was because I had a lot of fun watching it. The thing is a mess, but I found it all very interesting.

Holden - I don't imagine you would care much for Southland Tales. You didn't like Donnie Darko, if I remember correctly.

Watched it the other day, after i finished I thought I need to watch it again it seemed quirky which is what I like but didn't keep my interest, I was going to the kitchen continuously to get more food
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I saw this in theaters on opening night when it came out. I thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I own the DVD, and when I saw it at Best Buy for the first time, I bought it instantly.

I didn't care for this. Kelly had too much to say and forcefully crammed it all into one film; its bloated.

I'm being generous, too..

Well, I have soul and I AM/WAS a soldier, so yeah! .....I did like the film though.

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