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Harold & Kumar 2


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I saw this movie last week... it had a bit more of a serious tone than the previous one, but I still thought that it was great. My only real gripe is that it didn't leave things too open to create a third... hopefully they do! This is one of my fav comedies!

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You have got to be kidding me...

This is quite probably the worst subject matter for a comedy I have ever seen. Jeers to all involved.

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This movie is hilarious. Go see it that's all I have to say.

I'm with Sedai on this one...first one was much better...this one was a "try-hard" effort that was simply childish and absurd...with it's "adult's only" rating it really makes me wonder who the hell the target audience is? Mentally retarded people perhaps?

...and the whole "bush" part...damn that was poor!

No amount of pot smoking will save this one...

My only real gripe is that it didn't leave things too open to create a third
Thank heavens for small mercies! This turkey is it it's last rights and bury it!

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I absolutly loved the first film, it was hilarious and this is another brilliant film. Funny as hell
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