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LA HAINE - DVD - Menu Music


Ok, so i've been watching La Haine (english) on DVD, and the menu music is very good!! Just the song that plays on the main menu!

I've searched everywhere for the song, but can't find it!!

Does anyone who owns the DVD (i rented it) know what song it is, or can look for it in some cover-slip?

Thanks!! The songs so good! Driving me mad!

do you mean The Criterion Collection version???
DVD Collection


ummm, not sure!!

All i can remember is that the DVD menu had i think 4 options. When i started it up, it had the clip of the main shaved-head guy practising shooting his gun he has formed with his fingers/hands.

when i selected the different things, i think it was an orange bar that came over the options!

I also recall the song to be quite rap-like!

That soundtrack is serious. That Cut Killer track in the film gives me goose bumps all over, even now thinking about the scene.
Also Zapp's More Bounce to the Ounce, Isaac Hayes and Marley's Burnin & Lootin.
Absolutely brilliant.