Knocked Up (from the makers of the 40-year old virgin)


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Really interested in seeing this movie myself after catching the previews earlier this week. Anyone else going to be seeing it? Looking forward to seeing this light hearted relationship comedy, it seems to be alot more laid back than 40year. I'm a huge fan of katherine heigl, she is of course a babe. if you haven't seen the previews, there are a few at the official site (link),

Thanks for the link Yuli, it looks like fun
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i want to see it!!

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this movie is so funny i saw it today and i laughed through the whole movie
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Looks fun. If it is anything like 'The 40 Year Old Virgin. It should be funny.

Trailer was .. okish.

It has Danger Dan in from Million Dollar Baby!

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i've heard good stuff so I am goign to try and see it at the theatre.. eventhough i rarely go i will def. rent it

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We saw it today. It was better than I expected. It also had more of a story that I expected.

I want to know how they make those prosthetic preg tummies look so seamlessly real, but a bit too big and veiny?

Did anyone else become mesmerized by how the cleavage moved during the argument the leads had at the eight year old's party? I don't focus on people's cleavage normally but it was really hypnotic. Is that normal? Maybe someone (a guy?) could tell me?

Anyway, it was a better movie by far than I expected.

It is here so I will go and see it, I have been a bit slack, as it is cold here and I don't like going out at night in this weather, I know I am a wimp but I hate winter

I think that The 40 Year Old Virgin is the best comedy in the last decade, possibly the past two. The humor is right up my alley. I've actually had multiple people tell me that Cal reminded them of me.

A have very high hopes, and based on what I've seen and heard they will be met.

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i recommend the movie it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuunnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

my sister literally laughed the whole movie, especially during the pregnancy scene

i will def. buy it