28 Weeks Later


Anyone else see this movie? I thought it was really great. Scary as ever. The first one was actually a better film but this was a fun watch. Seeing it in the theaters helped!

What do you guys think?


I heard some info about this movie and my friend told me that it was a great movie.. though I'm not into this kind of stuff, I will try to watch it

I already watched both movies..Right the first one which was 28 days later was a good movie but i like 28 weeks later because of more running and escaping away from the infected ones..i really love the scene where the man was being chased by one then two till there are a bunch of infected one running for him in the meadow where in he scape by riding the motorboat..but he left out her wife that was heart touching in order to survive...it was very thrilling..
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at first it was very scary yet it all get bored as the story goes along, compared to 28 days later it is very terrifying...

I still haven't seen this one, but after reading all the good reviews it's been getting, I'm going to check it out.
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I have the DVD but cant bring my self to watch it. The first one showed great potential but after the survivors got to the army base the movie was horrible. I only got the 28 weeks dvd because music world was going out of business and the dvd cost me 5 bucks :P

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Ive seen and enjoyed both films, ive just got my self a boxset of them both and im looking forward to watching them again.
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