Good Luck Chuck


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Beware The Probe!
A romantic comedy that I actually want to see...?
Damn you Jessica Alba for ensnaring me so!

Alba is hot in penguin panties
Just when I thought I couldn't love her more...

Fear the Probe!

I happen to watch the trailer a few days ago and rrrrrrr it's going to be nice.Come to think of it I have never seen Alba in a romantic comedy before.I hope it will be fun
I'm in movie heaven

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where can i find this movie to download?

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright
where can i find this movie to download?

nowhere legally...
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I'm sorry, when I saw this trailer, I thought to myself...who let this piece of crap film get released. Now there is one movie that I thought Dane Cook did a good job in, Dan in Real Life. Because it seems like that he isn't ready to carry the whole movie by himself yet, I don't know, just my opinion .