Affairs with a snake woman? HELP!~


Help guys!!!
I was having coffee with a couple friends today and we were talking about a bunch of stuff. Anyway cutting the story short, it had something to do with a movie we knew but can't remember the name of it, or the names of the actos.
So I was hoping you guys could help me find out what the movie was.

It was about a guy with short blonde hair, and he was a loser who was on the run. He always had no money so he pick pocketted people. One day went to a carnival/circus and went to play a game, but he cheated the carni folk but laying down a twenty (or something) but on the other side was a dollar bill - TO TRICK THEM! HOW GENIUS!
Anyway, he got caught and was forced to work there. There he met this lady who played with snakes - he banged her even after he found out she was the carnival owner's mistress.
There is alot more to the story but i'll just stop right there.

So guys? Any luck??? It's racking my brain like crazy!