The Bourne Identity


a new matt damon movie- no not ocean's 11, but a action thiller. thats the trailer, i thought it looked good, exciting, and i like the fight scenes, also i really like matt damon.
I think this movie could be pretty good.
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I watched the trailer the other day, and it does look like it could be a good movie.

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Danger is Bourne. I guess this is Matt Damon's first leading man, hyped up action film. Hmmm...

I wasn't to keen on a remake of The Bourne Identity. Even less so when I heard Matt (the Teeth) Damon was starring, then I found out that Doug Limann was directing and this put all my fears to rest.

Limann impressed me with "Swingers", but it is his skill at he helm of "GO" that really impressed. Ordinary scenarios were weaved together to create a tension filled, fun ride......imagine what he will do with Spys, Intrigue and very real dangers that can often result in murder.......My fingers are crossed, if any man can pull it off it's Limann...
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What are you people smoking? This movie looks like an unoriginal piece of raw sewage. It's a shame Damon has to waste his talent in this crap.

Of course, I'm just speculating. I've only seen the trailer once, tonight.