Affair of the Necklace


Alright, I saw a preview of this film with Hilary Swank and Christopher Walken. Sometimes these period piece movies tend to seem far too similar to each other (even though I usually end up liking them anyway). This one looks quite good, though. Great costume and sets! I believe it's only being released in select cities, though. Does anyone know much more about this flick?

Female assassin extraordinaire.
i saw the trailer for this and I am very sorry but Hilary Swank is NOT looking the part. But I'll see it though, and hope she can at least carry it off.

otherwise i don't know much about it, sorry. as for them all looking the same ... well if they're always about the same time period and stresses, yes, but so are modern action flicks, romantic comedies, etc. i tend to find that they more often than not have more complex plots and psychological/emotional dynamics.