Another New Quiz: The Princess Bride


Yep, another new quiz is up...this one courtesy of our very own Sades. Beware: this quiz is goofy and not meant to be taken's all in fun!

Enjoy, guys.

I found a couple errors in the quiz. I've sent them to you in a private message.
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I doubt it...unless it's some technical error.

Actually, I just took it, and there was one error.

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Loved the Quiz. Those other ones were far too tricky. This one brought back some fond memories of the Princess Bride; that just be every quiz's goal.

Two beefs.

Didn't Goldman make up this Morgenstern guy? I've read the book which has a lengthy prologue concerning Goldman's attempts to find this fairy-tale that he read as a child but I've come to learn that this was a conceit on behalf of the author. There was no such fairy-tale. I think it's fairly obvious when you recognise how modern some of the themes are. Goldman wrote the original book, not Morgenstern because Morgenstern never existed. That should give me 17 out of 20.

Second beef is more of a personality thing. Vezzini? The Sicilian? Granted he made me laugh a lot (love the lisp) but how could you leave Inigo Montoya in the lurch or not even place Fezzik as one of the answers. I'm assuming the 4 responses were your top four. I'd like to add mine as they are so different.

Buttercup - no actress is more beautiful than Robin Wright Penn.

Fezzik - Andre The Giant, larger than life

Inigo - Everyone's favourite

Miracle Max - "Why don't you cut me and pour lemon juice all over it while you're at it?" - one of the reasons Billy Crystal can do no wrong in my eyes.

Great Quiz. If I ever do one, it'll follow Sades example.
I couldn't believe that she knew my name. Some of my best friends didn't know my name.

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erm, clicking that link tells me I am not allowed to touch the quiz cuz i'm not registered. and obviously ... i am ... soo ... what do I do? oh what ... do ... i ... do???

;P (if this smiley does not exist, can we create one? a winking tongue?)

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Originally posted by bigvalbowski
Didn't Goldman make up this Morgenstern guy? I've read the book which has a lengthy prologue concerning Goldman's attempts to find this fairy-tale that he read as a child but I've come to learn that this was a conceit on behalf of the author. Great Quiz. If I ever do one, it'll follow Sades example.
Thanks bigval. I'm confused as hell about the author thing now. I didn't know it was a joke. sorry everybody...maybe T can change it. Thanks for the compliments on the quiz, i wanted it to be fun and easy to do well on it. As far as the Sicilian, he IS my favorite. I just want to squeeze him. Miracle Max is a close second.

The 'real' author of The Princess Bride can easily be fixed by simply inserting the word "supposed", as in...

Who is the supposed original author of the book The Princess Bride?

Goldman used the fictitous book as a clever framing device. Goldman's novel is supposed to be "the good parts version" of a book he remembered only faintly from his childhood. Goldman's real inspiration for the book came when his daughters simply asked him to tell them a story. One said they wanted it to be about Princesses, the other about Brides: and thus it was born. William Goldman has discussed exactly how The Princess Bride was written many times.

By the way, Sades, you certainly aren't the only person to be fooled by the premise of the novel. Goldman has heard from many booksellers all over the world who say they have gotten many requests for The Princess Bride, the classic by S. Morgenstern that Goldman abridged for his book.

Booksellers probably have only slightly fewer requests for that than National Geographic gets for details of their erstwhile photographer Robert Kincaid and the lovely pictures of covered bridges he snapped in Iowa.

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Ah...I don't feel like such a dumb @ss now. Thanks for the corrections Holden, dahling.

I enjoyed the quiz, though I was disappointed that I only got 16 right (though the first time through I didn't see the correct answer for the year the movie was released. I went through the quiz again, and I saw it that time). I thought I knew that movie better.

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Well, I'm sort of a nut about it. I know the whole movie by heart. One of my favorite scenes is when Prince Humperdink says," To the death!" and Westley says," No. To the pain." Humperdink," To the pain? Don't think I'm familier with that expression." Westly," Then I'll explain it to you, and I'll use small words so that you're sure to understand." Eventually Westley says," Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why, so that every shriek of every person, every scream of every babe...everytime a woman cries out, " dear God what is that thing?" will ring in your perfect ears forever. That is what ' to the pain' means. It means that I leave you wallowing in freakish misery for the rest of your life."

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COMMISH!! hello, i can't fill this quiz out still and I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! i'm feeling left out! it's not right! injustice! inconceivable! IN...CON ...CEIVABLE!!

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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i have a b.a. in english. i know exactly what it means. i used it exactly in that sense and applied to what i said above, used it correctly.

inconceivable is "not to be conceived of" as in, impossible to think of, as in, impossible to believe, as in, "It's impossible that this has happened, I don't believe it!"

And I keep using it (untrue, the number of times can be counted on one hand, I believe), most particularly in relation to the very topic this thread is on. The film uses it, so i made a joke.

I only got 15/20. But of course, I've only seen this movie twice in my life.

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He didn't get my joke?!?


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Originally posted by TWTCommish
Actually, it's "wallowing in freakish misery, forever." Plus, after mentioning small words, he calls him a warthog-faced bafoon.
Aw T, you live to correct me. I knew it wasn't word for word, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna look it up!

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you know, i thought for several minutes she must be joking, but couldn't figure where the joke was, though the lines sounded very familiar, I couldn't think of who might have said them, especially since she thought I thought I knew which was the correct meaning and I did which is why I suppose you should never try to out think a Sicilian!


... i'm going to cry. chris, please, please, let me into the quiz, i can't get into it, it won't let me see it! *bangs on door half-heartedly, weak with struggling to get in, slides slowly to floor in wet, teary mess of rejection, and slumps.*