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I was just watching the documentary on the Final Destination DVD where they talk about the test screenings of what people liked and didn't like in the movie and I got to thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if they made a movie with multiple endings, and the DVD contained a sort of screen test. You watch the screen test and fill out a little exam on what parts of the movie you liked and disliked, then judging by what you choose, you would then watch the version of the movie that most suited to what you wanted to see. I think that would be kinda cool, but it would take alot of work and alot of time to do. You'd have to watch the movie more then once, and it kinda ruins it for people without DVD, but I still would buy a movie with features like that.
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Of course, Hollywood has tried making a movie with three different endings before, but the endings were put in theaters at random (rather than the audience getting to choose) and the video version has all three endings on the tape.

In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
And I thought I had a cool idea. Do you any of these movies that did this because I wanna see this, it sounds pretty cool.

"Clue" (based on the Board Game, which gives you an idea of how good a movie it is) was the movie I was thinking of. There are three different ends, each of which ends up with a different murderer or murderers. When the movie was in theaters in 1985, it was just random which ending you got to see.

On the videotape and cable version, the movie is shown through with the first ending, and then there's a screen that says something like, "That's How It Could've Happened, but What About This", and then they play the second ending. And then there is another screen that says something like, "But Here's How It Really Happened" and the third ending is played.

It's not as cool as what you were talking about.

In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
Ohhh, I remember that. I didn't know they actually released them at random, I didn't know that movie even had a theatrical release. I liked that movie because of the 3 endings.

There are quite a few DVDs on the market right now that show at least one alternate ending. Most of these alternate endings were shown as tests throughout the country. Here's a quick list of some popular titles with alt ends.

Arlington Road
Army Of Darkness: Director's Cut
The Beach
Blade: Platinum Edition
Boiler Room
Desperately Seeking Susan
Disturbing Behavior
Entrapment: Special Edition
The General's Daughter
Independence Day
Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut
Perfect Murder, A
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary
Scream 3
Stigmata: Special Edition
Suicide Kings: Special Edition
What Dreams May Come
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Army of Darkness
Instead of going back into the future with the department store scene, he takes a sleeping potion which will wake him up at the right time, but instead he wakes up way in the future and the whole world is practicaly destroyed. Its pretty funny actually.

Instead of just fighting the La Magera possesed Frost, Blade fights an actual giant being type deal made out of blade, and he ends up killing it by braking open the capsules inside of a cloud of blood.

Not much different in this ending. He places some things on Alamadeia's grave, pictures of the girl etc. That's about it. Its more emotional this way, your not supposed to know whether shes dead or not.

Actually thats all of those I've seen, but I have seen the alternate endings to Final Destination and T2.

Thats not many at all... I've gotta go return MI:2 and Stigmata, so maybe I'll rent some more DVD's today.

Ok, cool.

The ones I *REALLY* wanna hear about are Scream 3, Independence Day, A Perfect Murder and Arlington Road - is Laurie here? She might know.

In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
I'm guessing the ending to Arlington Road will be an ending that wasn't as surprising as the theatrical ending. They probably changed it to make it better. The ending to that movie was awesome by the way. When I saw it in the theater, my jaw dropped.

I still haven't seen Arlington Road. I taped it off the Satellite many, many months ago, but I haven't watched it yet. I tried watching it, but I fell asleep (that's not a commentary on the film. I was just tired.)

Unfortunately, I woke up at about the time the ending was showing up, so I pretty well know the "twist" in the regular ending. I suppose that's one reason why I haven't taken the time to watch the movie now.

Independence Day's alt end is Randy Quaid flying a crop duster into the the alien ship instead of a fighter jet.

Scream 3 is basically the same as in theaters. It's still the same bad guy for all the same reasons, the fighting is just a little different.

Arlington Road still has the same surprise ending, but after that is an entirely new scene where we get the feeling that Jeff Bridge's son knows the Tim Robbins is the bad guy. the director of the film gives a really good explanation as to what the scene is about and why it was cut.

For the life of me, I can't remember the alt end on A Perfect Murder and since I just moved, I'm missing two boxes of DVDs somewhere...probably buried in a closet. When I find it, I'll let ya know...lol

Originally posted by Laurie L
Independence Day's alt end is Randy Quaid flying a crop duster into the the alien ship instead of a fighter jet.
I remember the crop duster shot being used in some of the early trailers for the film.

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Didn't see it.
I've always thought that movies should have shocker endings. I thought about a movie with something like:[list=1][*] Man has heart attack[*] Will he live?[*] He lives and goes home[*] He needs a transplant[*] It seems like he will not ever get to the top of the list[*] He finally gets the heart transplant[*] His body rejects the heart[*] He recovers[*] He finally gets well enough to go home again[*] He gets home, but doesn't look both ways and gets run over by a bus[/list=1]I would make shocker endings the trademark of my movies.
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11. The bus driver also needs a transplant.
12. He get's the heart of the guy he ran over.
13. The heart of the guy he ran over originally belonged a passenger on the bus that the bus driver hated.
14. The passenger was a bad guy who once raped the driver and left him for dead but got off on a technicallity and rode the bus everyday to terrorize the bus driver.
15. The bus driver eventually learns that his heart used to belong to the guy that terrorized him and can't stand it.
16. He goes insane thinking about it.
17. All day long he is paranoid and thinks the bad guy is still stalking him using the bodies of his passengers.
18. Every night he kills the last passenger on the bus because he believes he's killing the bad guy.
19. The next day he is happy, but as the day goes on he gets paranoid until the end of the day when he kills another passenger.
20. ??

LOL sunfrog.

As for the whole heart thing - that was actually pretty cool James - just reading it there was entertaining. You should write a screenplay.