How big is your DVD collection?


Let's try to be broad-minded about this
58 dvds and i'm not unhappy about it at all every single one of them is great...i think...i don't impulse buy ****** movies

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The current disc count on my DVDAF DB is...

327 Titles which contain 558 DVDs.

I have a lot of TV seasons etc that cause the disparity in disc count...

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DVDs = 2107
Blu-ray = 142

VHS = 214
Laserdisc = 107

So, give or take = 2570 movies

I got about 40 dvds give or take with some blu-ray. Most being crime/horror/drama old and modern classics. Got a bunch of discs burned off my CPU though.

i have about 100 store bought dvds,but i have around 1000 dvds i have made myself from tv and thge internet.a lot of them are music,but most are tv series collections,music dvds,and a lot of movies and specials!
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i have 96 but it will continue to grow. I buy them each separate so no sets and no TV shows. I don't burn anything either that seems a bit too cheap and cheating.

I'd say about 600-700, but I do have a 250 Megapack of Western films from Mill Creek Entertainment.
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565 DVDs
44 VHS

I haven't been buying movies like I used to. Between the fact that there just isn't much in the way of new releases that I've wanted to own and the fact that I have a Netflix account now, there isn't much point.

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I'd say about 600-700, but I do have a 250 Megapack of Western films from Mill Creek Entertainment.
250 movies in 1 pack?

They also have a Horror pack, which I have, a Noir pack, a Family pack, and a . . . I dunno, but they have at least one more.

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325 dvds (125 blind buys)
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I just did a count for the first time ever, really. Well, since about 2003, anyway. Took me three days to inventory them all. I'm too embarrassed to say what the total is. I knew it was in that general ballpark, but to actually see it as a number...yikes.

Once raccoons and such start living amongst my collection, maybe you'll all be able to see me on an episode of "Hoarders"?
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