How big is your DVD collection?


My collection is in the 300-400 range haven't counted in awhile.

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I guess I am a bit regretful of having a ton of copies in my collection. At least I cant tell the difference between DVD9 and DVD5 quality.

I will buy them all as originals when I am a millionaire!

Last time I counted I had about 500 films (plus several TV and documentary DVDs).....and I'm not counting about 70 I didn't like that I put in the loft. It's great to have hundreds of great films to choose from at any time.....but how long are they gonna last before a new format arrives - I mean they already have HD-DVDS.

That set up looks very nice there Johnners. Now all you need is a nice big fat 60 inch LCD Plasma T.V. to be surrounded by the DVDs instead of that tiny one in your pic and you'll be in heaven.

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I'm closing in on 3,000 Movies

Im at about 180 DVD's. I felt quite proud of that number until i came to this thread.

I felt the same way,but I'm still proud of mine 190 DVD's because each one of them has its value to me

Its not rape if its DEAD
what you have a separate room only for DVD's ?
Damn near close! lol

Just under 2,500. I have some of the WORST films ever made...and I love them. I have some that they should have paid me to get. A lot of box sets as well.

I couldn't even begin to count them all and yes I do have a room out in the garage for them probably pretty close to 3000 DVD's and VHS.
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My DVDs are slowly being replaced by HD-DVDs. I do have most of my DVDs now, but the HD-DVD catalogs are building up and so will my HD library.
Oh, ok, i suppose i saw this threads meaning, to be, "how many movies do you own"

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I probably have around 100 movies (all in DVD forum). My collection is growing slowly as I look for the weird obscure films that you can't find at the typical chain store.
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The link to my DVD collection is in my sig, but apparently I own 191 titles.
I was recently in an independent comedy-drama about post-high school indecision. It's called Generation Why.

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I own over 1000 titles and none are copys.
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