How big is your DVD collection?


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I stopped counting at 400, probably around the time I stopped displaying them...
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I stopped counting around 500.... and after Katrina, the only place I 'display' them is in plastic storage containers....
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I stalled for a long time on buying CDs (because we have several premium channels and On Demand and Netflix). And, until recently, I never understood the appeal of buying whole entire TV series on DVD. But suddenly I started to "get" it and now I'm finding I'm buying more TV series than movies (which take up more room on the shelf).

It started when I would buy hubby the latest Survivor season on DVD for either Xmas or his birthday. And now we have about four or five Survivors seasons, Lost 1, BSG 1-2.5, Wonderfalls, 24 Day 5, The Weird Al Show, and a few others. Plus, the requisite movies. I still tend to buy movies I know we'll still want to be watching years from now: Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder movies, Naked Gun series, classic comedies (new and old).

I try not to buy stuff I think is just a "fad"-type movie.

The People's Republic of Clogher
I stopped counting around 500.... and after Katrina, the only place I 'display' them is in plastic storage containers....
Those plastic containers sound groovy, Caits, and certainly better than my tea chests.

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I have about 100, but it has been a while since I have a DVD.
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I have a tiny collection. That's the way I'd like to keep it. I don't like owning things like this unless I'm actually going to watch them over and over.

I rarely watch a movie many times. Those few I do, I either have or they are on my "wish" list which anyone close to me can access.

u know those dvd shelves you get at wal mart

i have close to 1 1/2 full

At this very moment I got 61 movies. The newest DVD in my collection is Babel.. (I bought it this weekend )
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My DVD Collection

I would say my collection is quite large at about 121 DVDs. These include seasons 1-7 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1-5 of Angel, and seasons 1-5 of 24 aka the best televisions shows that work best on DVD : )

Wow, are all 121 (excluding TV) of The Prestige and Memento, or are there others?

Ha de ha. Yeah there are others, Mr Jocular, and most of my films are 4 star quality excluding Smokin' Aces which I only like because of the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta. Oh, and Alcia Key's thighs.

4 star? That's in your opinion i take it or have i missed a new definitive grading system that's been put in place :P

Would be bit dumb buying films you didnt like though?

myself...over 800 titles...(750 dvd's approx.)

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DVD Collection


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I have 176 DVDs. Can't say there are all store bought originals however. Verbatim dvdrs ftw.

Also im counting things with more than 1 disc as 1 dvd. My boxset of the Prisoner is 5 discs for example.

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As of today, 452. But that won't last long....
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