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The Sentinel

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Beware The Probe!
Just watched The Sentinel.
Great movie.

I've always loved Washington DC type movies and this one definately did not disapoint me.
It reminded me alot of Clint eastwood's In the Line of Fire or any of Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan movies.
I loved all the intricacies of the Secret Service shown in the movie and even the extra DVD material about that organization was interesting.

Plot Synopsis:
Pete Garrison, a U.S. Secret Service agent who heads the First Lady's detail, is being framed as traitor in a plot to assassinate the President.
Whoever is framing Garrison knows he's vulnerable because he's hiding a monumental secret.
Garrison goes on the run, pursued by investigative agent David Breckinridge and Jill Marin, a tough and ambitious young agent.
Until recently, Breckinridge was one of Garrison's best friends.
Marin requested the work detail with Breckinridge because Garrison, while leading a field instruction exercise at the Secret Service Academy, told Jill that Breckenridge was the best investigator in the Service.
Now, Garrison must nail the real mole and save the President's life.

Plus...y'know, Eva Longoria is like... HAWT!!!!
Fear the Probe!

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I didn't particularly like this movie. I usually find these type of "thrillers" to be anything but. But you make one point I cannot disagree with...

Plus...y'know, Eva Longoria is like... HAWT!!!!
That's so true.
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I've watched the movie a week ago or so and it was ook but still an assasinatoin of the President of the USA come on it's silly.Since Kennedy's assasination and Regan's atempt of assasination the secret service is so sophisticated that even a fly couldn't pass the president without a notice so in my personal openion the movie is kind of pointles.Still good actors and Eva Longoria
I'm in movie heaven

I saw "The Sentinel" in theaters opening week and I thought it was bad. I was bored for most of it.

At one point, without even realizing it, I started whistling in the theater because I was bored. Somebody behind me told me to shut up and I was like "What did I do?" LOL

24: The Movie is in cinemas here sooon though will probs buy the DVD on R1. Tbh, doesn't look anything special save for being a movie of 24

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The Sentinel was all right. It was definitely boring at parts and I just thought they could of done more with it.

Two thumbs up for Eva though. mmm mmm good.

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i wanted to buy the movie but instead i rented the sentinal only because of the "bad reviews".....but at the end of the day i thought it was a really good movie and i will buy it in the future

i wasnt bored at all....michael douglas and keither sutherland were terrific

yes eva longoria is sexy but she is a pretty bad actress

i have to get a copy of this movie, with eva on it, ill surely love this movie.

The only real reason I watched the about was because of Eva. The movie itself was average. It had no suspense or a sense of compelling storytelling style to it for me to be really interested. To me, it seemed a bit too short, it had little build up, the characters weren't interesting and they didn't seem like the characters they should be, and everything just seemed like a copy of different movie... like we've seen this before, in the same manner. It wasn't bad, though.
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I saw this movie in San Diego and I could'nt believe the stroy line. One of the best in awhile, and as for the cast one of the best in awhile as well. Michael Douglas performance was one of his best in a long time, as was keffer sutherland's. I would recomend this movie to anyone, and would watch it more than once.
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