The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D This Octobr


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I loved this movie when it original came out. Now on 3-D WOW can't wait.

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I'll definitely be seeing it, but I'm wondering how well it will translate to 3-D. Most 3-D films are designed so that objects are consistently popping out or flying toward you, and Nightmare wasn't really intended for that purpose.

Nevermind, I'm nay-saying. It's still a great flick.

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Cooooooool I will be looking forward to it.

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This will be so much fun. I'm gonna run around singing all the songs from now until then and annoy the heck out of my roommates.

Originally Posted by stupidmansuit
will this be in regular movie theatres or will it only be an Imax release?
Just like Monster House, it will run in Digital 3-D in conventional theaters and IMAX

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The poster is sooooooooo cool