Children Of Men


i been following this movie for a while and the premise is very intresting but i heard the movie will be a limited release so i just hope its gonna be playing nearby where i live
Looks a little cheesy, but I have faith in Cuaron.

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Has anyone been reading or have read a comic series called Y The Last Man? That's really what came to mind when I saw this trailer, except in the comic series pretty much every man on the planet has been wiped out by a mysterious plague so it has a similar concept to this film. And since I've followed the series for ahwile now I'm really looking forward to making this film. Plus I just really like Michael Caine's voice for some reason.

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Can we get this moved over to movie reviews, perhaps? I guess a review needs to be in the thread, though....
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Can we get this moved over to movie reviews, perhaps? I guess a review needs to be in the thread, though....
Ask and ye shall receive.

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My super secret, intricate plan to get Chris to post his review, has worked! Dance on the strings...DANCE I tell you!!!


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I think Children of Men looks great. It's def. one of those movies that will leave you thinking at the end. That upcoming movie 300 also looks good. It seems like a mix between Alexander, Troy and the Gladiator, and I love 2 out of 3 of those movies, so it should turn out alright.
Man, I hope it's not like any of those sub-par goon-fests...

As usual, each film has fans who like everything in it and, so to say anti-fans)
May be i misunderstood or omitted somethig in this film but there is actually nothing new, nothing that would distinguish this film!! and..a single child born from whore - is this salvation? So some scenes with pregnant girl seemed a bit with pathos.
What i liked were the scene of chase with Julianne Moore and the ones in the house of the old man, don't remember his name and music playing at these moments. and that's all.

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I'm really looking forward to this film.
Same here. I really enjoyed it when it hit theatres.

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What a film. Truly brilliant. Cuaron is one of the few directors who can impose his style on a film and still have it come out spectacularly. This is an incredible movie.