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ok, i haven't posted in reviews in awhile, but i saw this movie for the first time the other day, and i wanted to start a thread for it. this movie is excellent! i haven't seen a movie this blatantly honest or funny in ages. i can't get over how cool and completely truthful it is. the way companies are run, with people being laid off and downsized and subsidized, it's incredible. this movie has SEVERAL laugh out loud moments. and the plot is pretty good, too. i would recommend this movie, even though it's one of those things that you don't really care if you see, and it's a few years old, anyway (lol, i'm a dweeb for being so late ) but it's good.

I agree. Very, very funny movie. The jokes are all over the place. Tons of subtle humor. First half of the movie is much funnier than the second half, but the entire thing is good. If you have any vague knowledge of what constitutes a stereotypical office/cubicle, you'll get a kick out of a lot of the jokes in this movie.

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"Corporate accounts payable Nina speaking,..Just a moment"

LOL...I love this whole movie, Stephen Root was hilarious as Milton. I couldn't stop laughing at his comments that he made.

The whole movie is a laugh out loud riot.
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One of the all time funniest movies, i also love the old SNL milton shorts by Mike Judge.
"Who comes at 12:00 on a Sunday night to rent Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid?"
-Hollywood Video rental guy to me

"I believe you have my stapler" - Milton. LOL.

Office Space is classic.
That's not butter they put on your popcorn...

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"I was told, that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9-11"

"I could just set the building on fire"

"In this congecal visits do they let you have sex? They sure do. Alright, I'll do it" LOL

I know Mike Judge wishes all you fans had discovered Office Space's brilliance in the theater instead of just on video (I remember laughing myself silly an an almost completely empty theater. It barely cracked $10-million in U.S. boxoffice), but there's some good news coming on the DVD front: on another site I frequent, Fox was so overwhelmed by the positive responses for Office Space they have scheduled a S.E. DVD for sometime in 2002, with Mike Judge's participation of course. The orignal DVD release was pretty bare-bones.

For me the greatest moment in that movie is when Lumbergh starts talking to Peter, but he simply sidesteps him, barely changing speed, and keeps walking, completely ignoring him. Who hasn't wanted to do THAT dozens of times in their life?
LAWRENCE: What about you, what would you do?

PETER: Besides two chicks at the same time?

LAWRENCE: Well, yeah.

PETER: Nothing.

LAWRENCE: Nothing, huh?

PETER: I'd relax. I'd sit on my @ss all day. I would do nothing.

LAWRENCE: Well, you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, Man. Just look at my cousin: he's broke, don't do *****.
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Actually there's no "he" at the end...I know, that's the absolute embodiment of useless nitpicking...but I had to mention it, because I also, for some weird reason, took note of the fact that he said "he's broke, don't do sh*t," as opposed to "he's broke, he don't do sh*t."

And yeah, I didn't see much in terms of marketing...but then again, even if I had, I wouldn't have gone to see it in the theatres. Didn't watch many movies then. I'm glad we'll be getting an SE...the DVD out now seems to have virtually nothing apart from the movie (at least nothing special). That's very good news...definitely on my wish list.

Didn't have time to pop the DVD in for that quote. That one actually was from memory. Happy I only missed by one word.

I love Diedrich Bader, and he was hilarious in Office Space. Too bad his only other real claim to movie fame is playing Jethro in the big-screen The Beverly Hillbillies (what a waste). I thought the first couple seasons of "The Drew Carey Show" were good, and he and Ryan Stiles (gotta love him from the BBC's "Who's Line Is It Anyway?") as Oswald & Lewis abslutely steal every scene they're in. But that show is like a blueprint for how to ruin something decent. Once it got popular the writing went right in the crapper. Too bad. That show is practically unwatchable now, even with Bader & Stiles. Oh, well.

Oh yeah, he's got great comedic timing...and some of the writing was brilliant:

"Oswald, tell them about your lawsuit."
"Oh yeah: thanks to me they don't call those little styrofoam things 'peanuts' anymore."

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I agree, I watch the old episodes at night when they're on every now and then.

I loved in Office Space the whole Michael Bolton thing. LOL. I would kill myself if that was my name. Then, of course, Samir Nae..Nanachibot...LOL...

Lumbergs whole, Hey, what's happening....Um...yeah, we need to talk about...and so on. LOL...Who hasn't been caught mimicking those lines while talking to someone.

Office Space is a great movie! Holden, I did see it in the theaters and have seen it several times since I first saw it. Thanks for the news on the S.E. DVD I was thinking about buying it on DVD but now I think I'll wait!

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Heck, I saw OfficeSpace on DVD last night for only like 12.99...I kinda got shocked and surprised by it. Wasn't too long ago I found X-Men for the same price.

I saw Office Space for the first time last year with a friend of mine, within 4 days I had watched it again. I loved it that much. Everything about is just perfect and as others have said, if you have worked in an office where you have multiple bosses who all want a bit of you will feel the pain of the people in the film and think "I know your pain".

I would love to introduce anyone to this film and show them just how good a comedy film is when handed to good actors and the writer knows what he is doing. I would compare this to Clerks in the sense of if you said to someone the basic premise of this film it would be dull but watch the film and you get the sense it is something magical.