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With the tremendous Mike Meyers signing on to the third project for I think $25 million dollars, he says that writing the third installment to the series is his favorite, and the most fun to write. So what can we expect? Well, Myers reprising the roles of Austin, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and the title character, Gold Member -- this those devoted fans will note is actually one more than Myers idol Peter Sellers played in such films as "Dr. Stranglove (or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb"). Is anyone noticing a trend? Can we expect to see Meyers soon take over Eddie Murphy as the number of characters he can play in the one film?? The eighth Powers flick? Will the series last that long? Is it water tight enough?

We also can expect to see the lead singer from Destiny's Child playing the new Powers girl, and with a reprise of Felicity Shagwell played by Heather Graham, no doubt undoing the situation that last film left us with, not unlike the simple way of disposing of Elizabeth Hurly in the second film. We can expect to see Michael Caine playing a Commander in the Navy. Rumors of Sean Connvery as Austin's father (confirmed flase, I believe) and rumors of seeing Peirce Brosnan making fun of his James Bond role.

I greatly await Gold Member. I am a fan of the series. It is the only mind numbing sort of film that I can watch without a critical eye towards to crappidity. All I see is the funny goings on, no matter how cliche or copied from the first film they are. This will be the first Austin Powers film I see in the cinema, before on video and I have high hopes, I believe it will blow us away from what the other films set up. And that's just "Groovy baby, yeah!"

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Any word of when this will be released?

I hope they come up with a few more original things-- unlike a lot of the re-using from AP1 in AP2. Still great movies, though.

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Yep, Beyonce Knowles is looking likely...but there's no official word yet. They're going to being preproduction very shortly, BTW. Oh, also: Heather Graham said she'd only come back if they didn't blow her character up or either she gave in, or Felicity will make a more graceful exit than Vanessa did. Oh, and Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) won't be making a return, it appears.

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The coldness of space must have gotten to him then. LOL.

The movie sounds to be very good. I enjoed AP2, a lot because of Myers. We related Fat Bastard to an employee at our video store because he made off with some movies before he quit. Also, he was a tad large.
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The Mr. Showbiz article said that Michael Caine was going to play Austin's father.

And Texan Beyoncé Knowles was reported to be in "advanced negotiations" to be in the flick, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

I keep hearing on the local radio that they're looking for a new midget to be MiniMe. For some reason, they don't want to use what's-his-name from AP2.

The Mr. Showbiz article said the movie will be released on July 26th.

I read that Troyer just wanted more money...I can't imagine they'd want a different actor/midget...unless he was particularly difficult to work with for some reason.

I think it's a money thing, too. But they seem to be perfectly willing to replace Verne and move on.

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I gotta add my two cents to this.

You gotta love that title. I thought the second title was a little too racy. This one is perfect. Cheeky, exactly the tone Powers should be setting.

I'm glad Fat *astar* is back for this one. I love Myers in over the top scotsman mode. If you haven't seen So I married an axe-murderer... RENT IT NOW! My favourite scene in Powers 2 apart from the Woody? montage was the "are you happy?" scene with the Fat Guy.

Fat Bastard: "Of course I'm nae happy. I eat because I'm unhappy, I'm unhappy because I eat."

I couldn't believe that she knew my name. Some of my best friends didn't know my name.

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Then the, if you'll excuse me there's someone I need to get in touch with, myself. bwrrrrrrrrp...alright so i farted, or soemthing like that...

Troyer, I do agree is getting a little top heavy. I mean he's a midget that sounds like he's been sucking on helium, but if he wants more money for a small part, I would do the same thing, look for someone else.

I know what Mr. Showbiz said about Caine, but I am pretty sure that is false. IGN said he's been down for the Navy bloke, as did many other reliable sources, so for now, I'm leaning towards that. Caine has offically signed on by the way, and as mentioned the Destiny's Child chick is in "advanced negotiations".

That release date as stated above is correct by the way.

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I think the Austin Powers movies are so entertaining.I hate when critics bash's like,not every movie is supposed to be a cinematic experience...some are just to have fun.Mike Meyers is so good,oh...he is SO good.I love So I Married An Axe Murderer...good times,good times.

Actually, no matter how bad a film, if you see it in a theatre it IS a cinematic experience.

By the way, Ebert gave International Man of Mystery 3/4 and The Spy who Shagged Me 2.5/4. These were good scores, really. He even went as far as to say that these films were just about fun. And he was right in saying that TSWSM was the more flawed film. You'll find he rarely bashes anything that is not necicarilly "Gone With the Wind" but still a fun film. He rates fun just as highly as he does brilliance. He's the only mainstream reviewer I listen to.

Has anyone picked up how much I hate mainstream yet??

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well actually...I did mean it the way I said it...I don't go to the theater for certian genres of movies...Austin Powers movies...I wait to rent.Some movies require the big screen to enjoy it throughly...the whole theater atmosphere.Some movies don' I save my pennies for the ones that do.Hence,not every movie has to be a cinematic experience

Pierce Brosnan said he was never even in negotiations for this movie, and even if he wanted to do it he would be unable to. He is in Ireland until Christmas and then work will begin on the new Bond film. Also, I've read conflicting reports on the role of Michael Caine, but the majority say he will play Captain Hendricks, a security specialist for the Royal Navy.

And no doubt we can bet our bottom dollar that his first name will be James....

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oh god i love austin/mike myers and i cannot STAND beyonce. ick. triple-ick.

fat [email protected] never really ammused me.

So I Married ... - loved the bepop scene. WOMAN. WOOO-MAAAN. i think that's when i fell in love with Mr. Myers.

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I know.That movie is so good.I love the scenes in the meat shop.Mike Meyers playing with raw funny.

Easily one of the most under-rated movies out there.

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