Most Modern Sleepy Hollow Movie?


Okay so I'm a newbie here

Beyond that though, I'm curious

What is the most modern movie version of Sleepy Hollow? Now that might be a confusing question to some.

What I mean is, What version of Sleepy Hollow related movies is set in the most recent of times? And what time frame is it set in? So far I've found..

The Hollow and Sleepy Hollow High

Please feel free to add to my list.. Thank you!!

I'm a newbie, too, you're not alone!

Personally, I've never really been interested in the more modern versions. They just seem like corny rehashings of the same old thing. I like the classic tellings.

My own favorite versions of The Tale of Sleepy Hollow are the old Disney cartoon I remember from my childhood and the 1999 Tim Burton version with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci (okay, so the story deviates A LOT from the original Irving story - which I have read myself, don't know many who have - but it's still very well-done).