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I picked up my pile of DVD's and brought them to the computer to list them all. Ya'll don't know me well, so geres some insight into me. My collection, some of which I don't know why I own. I didn't buy them all, some were gifts, some were just given to me. No excuses, none left out.

In the order I picked them up:
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii - Amazing DVD
LOTR: The Two Towers - Plain old normal copy
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring - Plain old copy
Pitch Black Unrated Directors Cut - I got it for free, and used the ticket for a free showing of the Chrinicles of Riddick, and left halfway through.
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Love Southpark
NL's Animal House Double Secret Probation Ed - Classic
NL's Van Wilder - I watch it alot with friends
Get Shorty Collectors Ed. - One of my favorite Travolta's movies
Thumb Wars - May the thumb be with you!
The Last of the Mohicans - quote at the end is worth it alone. Love this movie
The One - I apologise
Orange County - I always feel good after watching this movie
The Patriot - Brothers I think
Ruch Hour 2 - Chan was one of my favorites for a while.
The Gods Must Be Crazy - First saw it in History, bought it for $8
American History X - Powerful movie
Caddyshack -
Caddyshack II -
Requiem for a Dream - makes me sad I have an edited copy. Amazon's fault, long story
Bad Boys II - Loved the first, liked this one
Pulp Fiction - Collectors Ed.
Badder Santa - Makes me laugh everytime
Waterboy - Classic Sandler movie
Roger Corman Presents, The Fast and The Furious - haven't watched yet, omly $1
Sleepers - Bought for some reason, don't remember now. Good movie
Strocker Ace - Burt shines in these type of movies
Black Hawk Down - Brothers as well, I think, don't know for sure.
Scarface 2 disc Anniversary Ed. - Love Scarface
Big Chill, 15th Ann Collectors Ed. - Don't know about it
Chicago - Unopened
Celtic Pride - $5 wasn't worth it
Bourne Identity - beter than the sequal
Bruce Almighty - Let's play God
Braveheart - I have a picture to explain this gift, see attachment
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - liked the story
Ice Age - Hilarious
Finding Nemo - Hilarious
Soul Plane - Worst gift ever
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Sorry if I mispell alot of words, I painted my keyboard black to match my computer and monitor and theres no letters on the keys anymore. I'm too lazy to spell check sometimes.

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I suggest adding some Scorsese and Kubrick to your collection. Buying some classic films wouldn't hurt either. Hmmmm...............nice picture

Oh and you can throw away Soul Plane, Celtic Pride, The One, and Caddyshack 2
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Doesn't do much for my taste, but there are a few good films there (i.e. Pulp Fiction, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Bruce Almighty). Thanks for posting the collection . As a sidenote: no offense, but I think Animal House is a serious candidate for most overrated movie of all time.
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Nice to see a Pink Floyd dvd in there

You have some nice dvd's there, as always i'm going to say add some Kevin Smith movies because hey I love Kevin Smith
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you have some good and some bad in my opinion but I like how you recognized some of the bad like Soul Plane, but I never heard some use The Waterboy and Classic in the same sentence but if thats what you like go for it
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Not a bad collection
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Requiem for a DreamAny good?

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Originally Posted by Gods_third_leg
Requiem for a DreamAny good?
It's very good, but if you're going to watch it, make sure to watch the director's cut. Not the watered down, pussed out R-Rated version

Lmao, ok.

Could you maybe describe a little about it? if you have time of course =]

Can we try with real bullets now?
The story revolves around four drug addicts whose addictions cause them to lose almost everything.
Good times and happy laughings!!!


Rep coming your way!

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I know my collection aint' that great, it's mainly cause I borrow more dvd's from my older brother than I buy. I plan on increasing it more and definately gettign some classics

Originally Posted by Gods_third_leg
Nice to see a Pink Floyd dvd in there
The list is actually missing the Rolling Stones DVDs and the Zeppelin DVDs. Me and my dad love getting live concert dvds.

Me ‘scoring’ your collection won’t work because I have different tastes, but I do want to single these out:

Originally Posted by A0C8C
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
It’s nice to see a young fella like yourself appreciate legendary musicians like these guys. Rep for you!

Originally Posted by A0C8C
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Check out The Gods Must Be Crazy II if you like the first. It’s made by the same person and is just as funny. Any of the sequels after that are pretty limp, tho’…so don’t bother.

Originally Posted by A0C8C
Chicago - Unopened
Can I have it? It’s one of my favorite movies, let alone musicals.

Originally Posted by A0C8C
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Is this the only foreign film you’ve seen?
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Thanks for posting your collection, not keen on a lot of them, so what who am I
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We can't stop here!
Originally Posted by LordSlaytan
Is this the only foreign film you’ve seen?
No, just the only one I own.