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The Wonders of a Shoestring Budget


I am not talking about good films that were made on a low budget, I am talking about the techniques used in low budget films that make them good (or at least a classic).

I got the Monty Python and the Holy Grail special edition a while back, and I was watching some (hysterical) documentary about the locations they used. or should I say location. They used ONE castle for all the different castle scenes. They just used different angles and were very crafty in adding fake steps and such. I know it isn't much, but instead of building different sets and the like, they just used one castle.

Does naybody know of any other frugal and crafty things filmmakers did to stay on top of budget, or at least try to?
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Listen to the director's commentary for Primer, it's some of the most clever and crafty low budget tricks i've ever heard of.

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I'm sure there are many examples. There is only one film that immediately comes to mind. That would be Lindsay Anderson's 1968 film If. To save both time and money, Anderson and his cinematographer, Miroslav Ondricek, decided to shoot sequences in black and white and other scenes in colour.

I always think it's ammusing when you hear or read about a director that went into film school just so they could use the equipment for free. You figure a camera and 2 decent big lights with nothing else (film, generators, etc) would cost over 1,000 for a couple of days. Why not go to school for a couple grand a quarter and use the equipment as much as you want?

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