POLL: Interest Level in Charlie's Angels


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Didn't see it.
Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, Bill Murray, Tim Curry, and John Forsythe all star in the movie version of Charlie's Angels that comes out 11/3.

Check out the Official Site.
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Didn't see it.
Strange. It's not called a POLL on the forum page.

Yeah, that's not automatic - it's just sort of a general rule of sorts to put "POLL: " before your title if it's a poll, to let people know it is. If someone forgets I just edit it myself, as I did now.

I voted for "Medium" - any interest stems from the fact that it looks comedic and lighthearted...doesn't take itself too seriously.

Needless to say, I think we can expect sunfrog and Peter (OG-) taking part in this thread very shortly debating over which of the Angels they would most like to see more of.

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We'll Chris your right. But out of all three of those ladies, I don't think any of them are particularly very attractive. I mean they all are, but I don't find anything special about them. None compare to Denise Richards. But about the movie, I voted highly. This movie looks pretty damn cool. It'll probably be cheesy, but I don't care I like action better than acting. And Bill Murray is a cool guy. I saw him when he filmed the movie about the Elephant. He waved at me, and that's my encounter with a celebrity.
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You've got a thing for Richards I suppose...

I have some claims to fame - my father and stepmother once saw James Earl Jones in an airport in San Francisco! He's a mega-star...would love to meet him.

I've also been backstage at a Weird Al concert! I've got a whole huge *AMAZING* story about it to tell if anyone would like to hear it.

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Do tell the story, I'm going to start a new forum about this though. This one should be Charlies Angle stuff. Oh and yes I have a thing for the hottie that is Denise Richards.

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Didn't see it.
Did anybody see it?

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nope haven't seen it. voted medium if only because it didn't look like it would take itself seriously. which i hope is the case because I was CRACKING up at the trailers i saw -- how they were doing they're little "martial arts" arm gestures and flipping and crap and then they were stealing the matrix slo-mo movement ... and then bill murray's facing the camera and he kind of swerves away with one of those classic indescribable but funny expressions on his face ... i couldn't take this movie seriously if I tried.

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Didn't see it.
It looks like it is supposed to be pretty hammy.

I was the guy who voted "Who Cares?" in this poll, and yet I saw it on opening day. I guess I did care. (I liked it, too).

That doesn't surprise me much - it looks as if it has a lot of "fun" potential - mind posting a quick synopsis over in the Movie Reviews forum, Ryan?

I did post a little tidbit about the film over there (there being the Movie Reviews forum). I guess I could be more specific if anyone really wants me to.

Doh! I didn't see it - my bad. Thanks for the review - well-written and to the point. Glad to had a good time...perhaps I'll go see it, looks like fun. My parents, of course, would suspect some, uh, "alterior motive" for it.

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I want to see this movie, hehehe. I think Denise Richards should be in every movie ever made. Lol! My concern is that that slo-mo, hang by wires kung-fu is getting overdone these days. I like it but it has to be realistic, like it could be something the actor really did. Stuff like, jump up kick 8 times, cock your shotgun 3 times and shoot down a helicopter while doing a backflip and catching a bomb detonator in one hand is NOT realistic. Who the heck is THAT coordinated? Mostly I'm ranting againts music videos. Please, some flabby rapper girl doing jump kicks and a flip while she busts a dance move and pose in mid-air. Ugh! Geeze!