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Hi everyone,

Anyone have any comments on Mission Impossible 2 (or "Mi:2" as it's being called)?

I personally enjoyed the first movie more. Mi2 had shades of the first flick in there, but they ended all too soon for me. I would've really enjoyed seeing more spy missions planned out and completed with some more techno-gadgetry...

Let's face it, the scene in the giant white room in the first film had us all holding our collective breaths...there wasn't enough of that in the second film...plenty of kicking, not enough spy stuff.

And c'mon: the guys at the theatre want spy stuff...everybody wants to be a spy.

Anyone else agree/disagree?

I have never seen Mission Impossible 2 yet. I don't believe in movies. I think they are all evil. I heard that Tom Cruise is a warlock.(J/K)

I want to see it soon though.

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Over all I thought that the movie was ok. Some of the action sequences were brilliant but I thought that sometimes the movie went beyond the realms of beliveable (the mask scenes).

However Thandie Newton made going to see MI:2 worthwhile. She is drop dead gorgeous and has a very sexy accent. I will definitely be getting it out on video just to see the bath tub scene again Every time she did that smile she lit up the screen.
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I don't recall any bath scene...but you can bet I'll be renting it and watching it carefully

Yeah, she made it worthwhile...I actually enjoyed the masks...unfortunatly the lack of "cool spy stuff" forced the masks to try to carry all the surprises of the movie...it didn't work.

Tell me: was there even ONE person who didn't VERY early on realize that one of the good guys was going to get infected and they've have to rush to save him or her before the time was up?

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You know the scene near the start when Tom Cruise meets Thandie Newton for the first time. When she is picking the lock of some safe? I think that was a bath tub they were both in.

Now I remember...I must have been thinking of an actual bath...not something dry.

Yeah, that was pretty heated wasn't it?

Side note: Cruise's hair was a bit dumb...far more likely a spy would have a buzz cut like he had in the first movie...it's like the army, you can't be bothered with hair problems, so you'd shave it most of the way.

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I thought the movie was so-so. Too little strategy and too much mindless action.

I wish there was a better plot than the last one. MI-1's plot you couldn't follow, and MI-2's plot was stupid.

Mi:2's plot was predictable...like I said: who DIDN'T realize that some good guy would get infected? It was sad how obvious that was, but the masks did provide a few interesting twists...although I saw them coming as well, they should have made them harder to pick up, for more shock value.

Mi:1 was hard to follow all right, but once you have it all done the movie is great...lots of re-watch value there.

I thought it was stupid how much everyone was changing masks, that takes the fun away if anyone can be anyone else they want to! (hey, i wish i knew how to do it though, i could do some pretty fun stuff hehehee)

I think i'll go see C:R-1 (lol, j/k) Chicken Run 1

Nawwwwww, too much of a kiddie movie fer me.


I actually found the Mi movies boring, James Bond flicks are way better IMO.

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MI:2 was a cool movie, actually as soon as i started typing this my cd played started playing Moby's techno remix of the first MI theme. Spooky. Anyways, MI:2 was cool, but It is possible to make a mask so realistic, make the voice sound like Tom Cruise, but how in the world did they shrink they other guy down 4 inches to Tom Cruise's size? It just doesn't work that way.
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I was wondering what was with the 8+ year bump, and for Mission Impossible 2 at that. Wow this forum has been around for some time.
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Yup, this is the first-ever thread.

And yeah, we've been around a really long time; about 8 and a half years. This thread was created the day after the site "launched," though I suppose you could make a case that the 15th should really be considered the day of the site's inception.

Interesting see the orginal ever thread for this forum. I quite enjoyed Mission Impossible 2. It was good escapism. Part 3 was the best out of all of them, though..

to me the first one is the best!!!!!! then the third, then the 2nd!