8 mile


this is a new movie starring eminemi started watching the preview thinking that this would look like a horrible movie movie it doesnt look like that bad of a movie.

heres the link here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/8_mile.html
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I saw this promo with XXX, and it looked pretty good to me. I like Eminem and Curtis Hanson, so it could be a decent movie. I could be wrong, Eminem could be the worst actor ever, I don't know, but so far, looks good....
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I'm not a big fan of Eminem's (though I must acknowledge that a few of his songs are well made), but the trailer for this film impressed me. He looks like a solid actor to me...in my opinion, I think that's what everyone's going to be talking about when this movie opens: how surprisingly good he is. The cast around him and the fact that Hanson is helming are both encouraging, too. I think I'm actually looking forward to this one.

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finally a rapper that can act! both snoop dogg and dre sucked in training day!
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I edited out i think it will suck. i think this movie will be great! The Director said that eminem will surely be nominated! I hope this movie wins everything, except for what lotr:ttt wins. i like eminem, and i like the movie's premise.

Let me guess. Eminem will find a way to diss Moby in this movie. What a retard Em is becoming. For a while he was ok, but now he is just getting straight stupid and obnoxious. He should of put his shirt on at the MTV Music Awards when he was rapping. When I saw him with his shirt off, I actually started thinking that even a weakling like Moby can beat his out of shape dumb ass. Sorry guys, the movie looks like it may have some potential, but musically Eminem is going to slowly but surely fade away. You heard it here first, if somebody smarter than me didn't already tell you this. He is taking all his personal grudges way too far already. If I hear one more song about Moby, his mom, Kim, Hailey, or some dumb drug he is doing, I will vomit across the room. His material is SOOOOO damn stale already. Every damn song he makes sounds the same. Same flow and delivery timing. Just listen to his title track from 8 Mile. It's called "Lose Yourself". This track sounds EXACTLY like about 10 other tracks he has made. His originality skills are being exposed big time now. It was only a matter of time.

I am just so glad there are a lot better rappers than him out there that come with original content constantly. Just listen to some Slum Village, Roots or Dilated Peoples to understand what I'm talking about. Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, Ras Kass, etc.... These are REAL artists. Em better start acting soon. He isn't stupid. He knows that his music is going to fade out sooner than people think. Bye bye Em!
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I like moby, too, and eminem has to keep up his thug image. Also moby said that eminem's lyrics were hate lyrics, thats why eminem was mad. And he worked out for this movie. ANd his music is funny, but needs to change.

Everyone has their opinion on Eminem and you either like him or you really hate him. If you could just for a moment look through unfiltered lenses then I think you would be able to see that 8Mile certainly looks like it has potential. Early screenings, media buzz, a killer trailer, and curtis hanson's own words seem to merit this potential alone. Eminem certainly looks like he has a lot of on screen talent. I would compare him to the late Tupac Shakur, who before his death showed flashes of solid acting skill, with a commanding screen prescence and real emotional grit that you don't see from a lot of more experienced and seasoned actors. Eminem seems to have that same captivating screen presence whether you like him or not. He's constantly in the media's eye and if you've ever watched an interview with him, he has an engaging personality, even though you might not agree with a lot that comes out of his mouth. I think it's this untrainable trait that might make him a big success in the acting business. The jury is out right now, but one thing is for sure, I'll be checking out 8Mile.

Oh by the way, FLETCH, your little Eminem tirade was pathetic and annoying. you must be one of this hip hop elitist snobs, that think you're cool somehow becuase you listen to "underground" rap. If you weren't such a conservative prude you'd realize that eminem is great rapper and The Eminem Show was diverse and more emotionally sincere than any rap album ever made. No other rapper has made his lyrics like an open diary and putting so much of yourself into your music is art in its truest form. Eminem's flows are no less diverse than talib kweli's and that's saying a lot coming from me, considering Talib is my all-time favorite rapper. And as far as Eminem's "hate" lyrics, if think that this is the case, then you just dont get it. YOU DON"T GET IT. You're out of the loop...you're too old, too sensitive, or just don't get a joke. What's funny I think, is that Eminem gets a joke, his fans get a joke, Elton John gets a joke, and the only people that are eminating HATE are his critics. So my suggestion to you FLETCH would be to let the hate out of your heart, it's bad for your health, oh, and take that eminem hate shrine down from your bedroom wall too.

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No, really, tell us what you REALLY think.... This movie looks really good, and the new Eminem song "Lose Yourself" kicks much @ss. I will definitely be there when 8 Mile opens.
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Oh by the way, FLETCH, your little Eminem tirade was pathetic and annoying. you must be one of this hip hop elitist snobs, that think you're cool somehow becuase you listen to "underground" rap. If you weren't such a conservative prude you'd realize that eminem is great rapper and The Eminem Show was diverse and more emotionally sincere than any rap album ever made. No other rapper has made his lyrics like an open diary and putting so much of yourself into your music is art in its truest form.
I think I understand; a snob is someone who gives his opinion on something, right? Read your own posts man, and try to practice what you preach.
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Actually, a Snob is defined as someone who gives off an air of superiority. Giving your opinion is just giving your opinion, seems like a simple concept that even you could grasp, Heromaphroditus. Oops, am I being snobbish?

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Um, yes, very much so.
Actually, at this point, calling me names and all, you've passed into childish and obnoxious. Of course, it's quite possible that you were just thinking of hermaphrodites, and had a Freudian slip of sorts, because I certainly wouldn't expect you to either look at what you're typing, or to even know who Herodotus was.

Oh, Hermie, look at you acting like a snob now....I've raised you to my level. You're welcome.

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Perhaps you would like to move this personal affront on me to Private Messages, as this is a thread discussing the terrible piece of crap that is 8 mile.

Come on, it's the one that says MSG, unless you'd like to be publicly outwitted, of course.

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If you cant spell the name of little bits of choclate (M&m) than you should be banned from singing but more importantly, its obvious you CANT act. This movie will be a total flop (i hope) the only people that will see it, is critics, druggies, rappers or general morons, no offence to anyone who likes this idiot. Im not even TEMPTED to see it, not even to pay it out.

Ok, hermie, let me get this straight, you want to talk to me privately? I think you need to take a deep breath and take some of your zoloft. Becuase I'm not interested in doing anything private with you in any fashion or form. Whatever you want to say you can say it publicly. But from my account you haven't said anything of substance this entire thread.

For all you close minded people, this includes hermie, silver mullet, and others...the early reviews of 8Mile, which screened at the Toronto Film Festival were overwhelmingly positive. I have yet to find one review that is close to even mediocre. Here is one of the reviews if you care to read, but it does contain some spoilers
This is not to say that the movie will be good, in my opinion, I'll have to find out for myself, but at least I have an open mind and my heart is not filtered by blind and irrational hatred. You know I'm right. Outlook for this movie is very good, there's a lot of positive buzz for it that's for sure.

Here are some direct quotes from the official review of 8Mile from the Toronto International Film Festival:

In 8 Mile, Hanson intersects with Eminem, who made his name as a brilliant manipulator of the conventions of urban rap, which decree the feeble-minded shall perish and the verbally dextrous will vanquish. Each of these two great visionaries does what he does best in this utterly riveting film.

Hanson’s film gets beneath the skin of the man who revolutionized the face and sound of rap and seduced a generation, analyzing his complex emotions and his responses to the hard knocks he has had in life. Hanson leaves nothing to be desired in a revealing and captivating film where skill, style and power confirm both director and star as masters of their arts.

Clearly the early reviews for this movie are very strong and if still aren't willing to see it, then you are not a true movie fan. Thats a fact.