The MOFO Preliminary Discussion of the Top 100 Comedies

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I'm still around a solid 32 titles, but in my review process I've learned that Funny Games is NOT that funny. Not at all. =\ There wasn't even one song sung the entire movie! I thought probably it was a translation error or something so I found the original. nope. Not even.

Think I'll turn my ballot in, in a few days...I don't see myself finding any more comedies to add to my list as I already have pared it down from well over 100 to just 25...Though I might try to squeeze in a couple more Woody Allen films before submitting my ballot....So far I've been impressed with the Woody Allen films I've seen.

I won't submit a ballot for this. Since the announcement, I've watched two or three comedies, and don't feel like I could make a ballot I'd be happy about.

I won't submit a ballot for this. Since the announcement, I've watched two or three comedies, and don't feel like I could make a ballot I'd be happy about.
I'm not sure you need to watch many more, unless you've seen a weird dearth of them. It's a pretty broad genre. Hope you'll reconsider! The list is only meant to represent MoFo as it is now, which means all ranges of moviegoers in each genre.

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There were 57 triple voted movies out of 28 ballots.
Now, page one informs us that there are 35 ballots so I guess the triple voted films already exceeded 60. These will probably be more than 70 till the final date but not sure if they gonna reach 100.

All this means that there will be at least 50-60 very well supported movies (four and more votes).

I've got my list down to about 40 movies, and now I'm rewatching some of my favorite old comedy movies that I haven't seen in a while to try to remove movies that might be less comedy than just great movies.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

42 ballots now, containing exactly 500 different films.

List is rounding into shape. Handful more and we can safely declare this a Top 100 and not a Top 50. With the inevitable late rush I'm sure we'll get there.

Another week-ish!

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Nice comments by Little Ash about how or what considers comedy. It's definitely cathartic. Laughing aloud is euphoric, but I seem to only get this from "angry humor". There's a guy on YouTube (recently banned), but very funny when he'd get so angry at the people calling in.... Even in movies, it's usually the Italians who get me going. Joe Pesci is always funny, even in a serious scene... I don't watch TV shows, but Rip Torn is always funny.

My "thing" is stand-up comedy. Mort Sahl, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin. Sometimes, a radio show or interview is just as funny or funnier than an hour of stand-up.

Lately, YouTube comments get me going sometimes. Or when my NBA team starts playing - those game logs on reddit are hilarious. Why aren't THEY comedians? As opposed to all the impersonators today.

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
For some reason I feel like I would have found it easier to come up with a list of 25 comedy TV shows than 25 comedy movies.

usually i wait until the very last day to submit but i doubt i'll find a new comedy masterpiece in the next week or so. list sent.
Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly

Eight days to go counting today. Those sitting on the fence we can use your ballot. As Yoda has said. this is a MOFO list so even if comedies are not your main interest your voice is as important as anyone else.

Yahoo! I just submitted my ballot I sure wish I could've included 35 comedies or better yet 50...I had to cut some of the greatest comedies of all time just to cut it down to 25 only. I can't believe some of you can't come up with 25 comedies that you like...Geez you could've gave me your ballot spots to use....joking of course!

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Ballot submitted!

70's x 1
80's x 10
90's x 11
00's x 2
10's x 1
No pre-seventies films? 🤔
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