The most beautiful long red hair I've ever seen


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Here's one but she is a musician: Simone Simons, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Dutch symphonic metal group Epica

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AFAIK, it comes from us not having a word for the colour and so 'Red' was as close as we had. Obviously orange is usually more apt, but then we didn't have that word until 'we' discovered oranges, by which time Red was the commonly used word. I'm going to guess the same is/was true of ginger for the English speaking world.

And just to join in the fun of posting pics of beautiful redheads.

Alicia Witt
Other than my wife, Alicia is my personal favorite REDhead.

EDIT: Dang! I almost forgot one of my other favorites, Karen Gillan!

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I cant just sit here and let everyone forget about this dame.

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RRR | Top Gun Maverick

Not really a 'redhead' but it's Uma so I'm happy with it.

Of course, if we're going down that path...Any excuse.

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