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I do like to keep my unintentional hints oblique, so maybe expand it out to any aquatic-residing, avian creature.

ETA: it just crossed my mind, with The Rescuers, you already did. i.e. it's not actually an albatross in the rescuers, is it?
Lol, I actually have no idea as it's been forever since I saw it. I just used IMDb to narrow it down to feature-films that were comedies and tagged with "albatross" and those were the only five

Anyways, looks fairly safe to say that The Rescuers ain't mystery movie #2 after all
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

I would say the content is more like 60% adventure, 30% comedy, 10% romance.

IMDB lists the keywords like so: Adventure, Family, Fantasy (No mention of comedy).

Here are the movie's various covers. They don't look like comedies to me...

If you went to a store with movies shelved in categories, would you expect to find these in the comedy section, with the likes of "Epic movie", "Your Highness", and "Dumb and Dumber", or would you expect to see it with movies like "Lord of the Rings", "Romancing the Stone", and "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

I'm taking issue with your initial statement that it is "mostly" a comedy.

I don't think the order of content of IMDB keywords matters. Nor do the posters, which are purely a matter of marketing. But if you care about that sort of thing, Wikipedia lists it as a "fantasy comedy romance." I think the real giveaway is how often the fantasy or adventure parts are almost immediately turned into jokes. The biggest action set piece, the sword fight at the top of the cliffs, is filled to the brim with them.

I think whether it's a comedy is mostly borne out by what moviegoers think. And here it is, on the comedies list, quite high up. It's also on Channel 4's 50 Greatest Comedy Films list. But hey, I'm not really trying to convince you: just explaining my rationale. As I said before, in a sort of preemptively "to each their own" olive branch;
Obviously these questions aren't objectively answerable

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Naked Gun was #14 on my list. This has been a favourite of mine since I was a teenager. Overall, this is a very funny movie. Some of the jokes are not so funny, sure, but the funniest jokes are brilliant. I'd say the jokes are 80% brilliant, 20% not... but there's only a 30% chance of that.

Boldly going.

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The truth is in here
Or would you expect to see it with movies like "Lord of the Rings", "Romancing the Stone", and "Pirates of the Caribbean"?
Romancing The Stone is a comedy though, isn't it? It's a pretty lightweight and easy watch with fun chemistry between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. I would place that in the Crocodile Dundee tier of films.

Romancing The Stone is a comedy though, isn't it? It's a pretty lightweight and easy watch with fun chemistry between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. I would place that in the Crocodile Dundee tier of films.

I was going to say, I haven't seen it, but I was under the impression that Romancing the Stone was a comedy.

The whole hypothetical did give me flashbacks to my childhood/teenage years of going to video store (since that would have been the last time I would have actively seemed out to rent The Princess Bride) and how fantasy was a niche enough genre that it was often grouped with sci-fi and wasn't associated with action-adventure movies, a category I'd associate more with Arnie and Van Damme vehicles at that age.

But IMDb not listing The Princess Bride as a comedy would track with the impression that whoever tagged movies for IMDb doesn't know how to laugh.

Lol, I actually have no idea as it's been forever since I saw it. I just used IMDb to narrow it down to feature-films that were comedies and tagged with "albatross" and those were the only five

Anyways, looks fairly safe to say that The Rescuers ain't mystery movie #2 after all

I have now just confirmed that IMDb does in fact label my #2 movie as a comedy.

Looking at a sampling that includes titles as diverse as The Graduate, His Girl Friday, Raising Arizona, Bringing Up Baby, The Blues Brothers, and Monty Python's Life of Brian and blanketly labeling them utter dogsh!t is, well, utter dogsh!t.

But as you were.
I know. They're part of the reason I said what I said.

One thing it is not is average.
Wooley is absolutely right. The Blues Brothers is not average. It never reaches those heights.

50% of the last two is great. I'm sure all of those who know me know which one I'm talking about, if only by process of elimiation.
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Is Raising Arizona the funniest movie I've ever seen? Maybe, it was number one on my list so I think highly of it. While A Fish Called Wanda may have more explosively funny scenes this has more consistent laughs throughout. Everybody in this is funny no matter how small the role. I will always laugh at the "We ate sand" guy, M. Emmet Walsh and his "spherical object a restin' in the highway" and the "Unpainted Huffheins" line. It has everything I look for in a comedy- a good story, great characters, some HUGE gut busting moments of laughter, one of the best chase sequences of all time and it all wraps up with a heartwarming little message about life, hope or something. Special shout out to Barry Sonnenfeld whose cinematography gives this cartoon a truly unique look. Many of his camera shots enhance the comedy or even create them.

So that was my number one the next one is my number 5 and I strongly recommend using a moderate or safe search while trying to find a gif of this unless you want to spend the next hour looking at topless women firing semi-automatic weapons. The Internet is a helluva thing.

I don't know if The Naked Gun is my favorite movie from the ZAZ Team but it's the funniest. The reason this lands higher for me than Airplane or Top Secret is because it has two scenes that are side-splitting funny. The break in and the baseball game. The movie has more than those scenes going for it, more shit sticks than doesn't, but neither Airplane nor Top Secret has one of those BIG moments. They're more drive by comedy. Favorite line:

Frank: "When I see 5 weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of 100 people, I shoot the bastards. That's *my* policy."
Mayor: "That was a Shakespeare-In-The-Park production of "Julius Caesar", you moron! You killed 5 actors!"

And with that my top 5 has placed. Well, it will after today, that's my guess.

Bringing Up Baby was
for me. It's good and not surprising to see it up this high.

The Blues Brothers has great music. I like the guys on SNL but this was a dog of a movie.

Annie Hall is one of the least entertaining movies I ever seen. I've watched it twice and hope to never see it again. I just don't think Woody is funny. This was expected to be pretty high I'm just glad that...

Office Space finished higher. I didn't have this on my ballot but it was in the running. Top 50 for sure. Diedrich Bader always seems to get the most out of his limited screentime. Bader as Lawrence steals his scenes and is fantastic. Same thing he did in Napoleon Dynamite as Rex -Kwon-Do

The Princess Bride has grown on me. I did not like it the first time I watched it but over the years, listening to people talk about how great it is, I gave it another run and it was okay. Now I've probably seen it 4-5 times and think it's great.

My ballot so far:

I have now just confirmed that IMDb does in fact label my #2 movie as a comedy.
Aha, in that case I think I might know what it is. In keeping with the mystery element though I shall label my guess "unnamed ballot entry guess #2" until after the reveal

224 points, 16 lists
Shaun of the Dead

Edgar Wright, 2004


Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis


227 points, 15 lists
Galaxy Quest

Dean Parisot, 1999


Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub


Have seen so far: 45 – Shaun of the Dead – Zombie comedy movies are always fun and exciting to watch, just like this one.

Have not seen so far: 40

I have not seen The Naked Gun: From the files of police squad, The Princess Bride and Galaxy Quest

My Ballot so far:

#8 - The Hangover (2009)
#9 - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
#10 - Dumb and Dumber (1994)
#11 - Step Brothers (2008)
#12 - Tropic Thunder (2008)
#14 - Superbad (2007)
#15 – Shaun of the Dead (2004)
#17 - Mean Girls (2004)
#21 - Happy Gilmore (1996)
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Funny joke with Galaxy Quest. What's the real movie today with Shaun of the Dead?

Shaun of the Dead was #20 on the MoFo Top 100 of the 2000s, #17 on the original MoFo Top 100 Horror Films, and #21 on the retake of that list. Galaxy Quest was #88 on the MoFo Top 100 Sci-Fi Films.
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Shaun of the Dead is fun and entertaining, but didn't make my ballot. Galaxy Quest was moderately amusing, but not a favourite of mine. I'm a little surprised to see both of them rank this high.

Yay, I correctly predicted that a Shaun would show up today

Shaun Of The Dead is my favourite of the Cornetto Trilogy (Hot Fuzz is decent too, but I thought The World's End was disappointing) and would quite likely have been on my ballot despite not having seen it in about a decade. Apparently I've seen Galaxy Quest but I have zero recollection now, which would have made it highly unlikely to make an appearance.

Seen: 45/88

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Both of these films were on my ballot. We've hit the good stuff.

Shaun of the Dead was my #6 - and it's one of those rare films which I would have loved to have made myself, if I were a filmmaker. There's a level of fun, parody, intelligence and excellent filmmaking that sets this comedy apart from most others. Those who had enjoyed Spaced on television already had some sense of where these characters were coming from, but Shaun was my introduction, and with every subsequent viewing it got me on board more and more. I was showing the film to friends and pointing out the amazing long take which follows Shaun (Simon Pegg) to the shop when he buys that Cornetto - and I haven't even got to the deconstruction and satire of zombie movies, which this films takes on in such a deep and loving way that there'll never be a film come close to being it's equal. To add one more excellent thing - it's as funny a movie as you're ever likely to see. Pure brilliance, and a 21st Century comic masterpiece.

Galaxy Quest I was beginning to give up on - but I'm extra delighted (and I guess shouldn't be too surprised really) that it showed up so high. It was my #5, and was a movie that had just come out on DVD when I'd finished my mid-term exams at university, which meant some drinks, a celebration and a movie - which happened to be this. It was amazing, and if it had of just been the celebration, then all of those subsequent watches would have proved me wrong - but instead it's another film that gets better the more you watch it. Does for Star Trek what the previous film did for Zombie flicks, and lovingly sends it up in a clever and very funny way. Perfect screenplay, with Alan Rickman proving to be a scene stealer at almost every turn ("By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged!") I've loved this film for a long time, and I welcome anyone else who also loves it.


Films I've seen : 69½
Films that have been on my radar : 16½
Films I've never even heard of : 2

Films from my list : 11

#13 - My #5 - Galaxy Quest - (1999)
#14 - My #6 - Shaun of the Dead - (2004)
#16 - My #24 - The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! - (1988)
#19 - My #12 - Life of Brian - (1979)
#24 - My #18 - The Jerk - (1979)
#30 - My #10 - What We Do in the Shadows - (2014)
#34 - My #9 - Back to the Future - (1985)
#62 - My #13 - The In-Laws - (1979)
#65 - My #21 - Black Dynamite - (2009)
#82 - My #8 - The Producers - (1967)
One pointer - Brewster McCloud (1970)
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Shaun of the Dead is the most-successful of the comedy/horror hybrids and provides plenty of seemingly-straight romantic and family comedy moments; in fact, it does it so well, that you almost forget that those flippin' zombies are on the loose.

Galaxy Quest is a sorta "Star Trek" spoof which turns into something similar to a "Star Trek" episode. The cast is huge and wonderful.
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I love Shaun of the Dead. I remember seeing it a while ago on TV and being mildly amused by it, but it became like a thing that was constantly on TV. So as I revisited it more and more, I found myself enjoying it more and more to the point that I *almost* had it on this list. To be fair, I juggled a couple of horror comedies, but decided to leave this one out (it certainly didn't need my help) in favor of other lesser known ones.

Galaxy Quest I haven't seen since I rented it back in the late 90s. I remember enjoying it, but I don't think I've revisited it since.

Seen: 65/88

My ballot:  
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In regards to whether Princess Bride is more or less comedy, it's tricky because its storyline is decidedly adventure. But its structure and how it presents all of its adventure scenes is almost purely comedic.

I can see the debate, but if we want to be douchey about this kind of thing, the storyline of Airplane is clearly of the Disaster/Action genre. But no one on earth classifies it as that, since at every step the way the films undermines all these tropes and narrative beats. It wants us to laugh at these things. To hold them at arm's length a bit

Now, we are given more reason to invest in the narrative elements of PB than we are Airplane, so unlike that we can experience it as pure fantasy adventure if we choose. But this takes a willfully refusal to acknowledge how the film likely wants us to experience the film (a comedic deconstruction of these films).

Ultimately, the intent of the film is comedic, but it certainly isn't clear cut. Hence, why it is such an interesting movie

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