Arthouse 90s French movie about two young women who break up


I'm sure this is one of those everyone knows, but I've no idea how to search for it (the searches I do get are way off... )

It was a sweet drama about two young women who fall in love and then out of it again.

French movie, mid 90s I think, caught it on late-night TV. Starts will young teenager cycling, she gets a flat tyre and has to seek refuge on a farm for help. A friendly girl there helps fix her bike and the two strike up a relationship from there.

The film follows them over time, with things getting soured as the protagonist moves on. The film ends with them meeting in a hotel lobby - I think - for a final showdown, one denying their love ever was and the other attacking her.

It bugs me and am sure is probably well-known. Thanks for any help you can offer.

some really nice films in there, makes me think I'm not remembering the language. could not quite find a match however, will keep on checking - you know how you remember a scene from a film and it bugs you for years after? -

Are you sure that it was French movie?

I remember that I watched Djam, but it is from 2017 and it's Turkish, not French. I am sure that there is scene two girls in a hotel room. But it isn't the same plot.

And maybe you check this list:,desc

I've found a strong contender here:

Somebody's put together a collection of scenes from the film:

OMG! hah - 2/2 - yep the bike scene and then the 'over time' story that's it. bloody hell. my life is suddenly full of films I urgently need to re-watch!
thankyou again!
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No problem.
As the saying goes..."Happy days!"