(help) Looking for name of horror movie


the film in question, from what I can remember is a horror film, english speaking language and i believe it is an American film. There are a hand full of people (about 6 or so) who are trapped inside a building (looks like an old hospital or school) and are trying to escape.

They cant escape through the windows as they seem to be either high up in the air or another dimension but when someone try's to climb out of the window, they get attacked.

They are kept prisoner in this building by the devil, and has his sights set on one young female to take her soul to hell.

One part i can remember is that on of the trapped people hides inside one of those american laundry chutes to escape being detected.

Another part I can remember is that they have to crawl through a load of rubble and piled up debris to get from one part of the corridor to the other side and one of the group of people saw something crawling through the rubble/debris with them.

Another scene is where the devil and the female in question (mentioned above) are in a hallway and the devil has 2 hell hounds (one on each side of him) and whilst the devil talks to her she backs into a room which the devil cant follow as it is protected or something.

Any help is gratefully appreciated
Thanks in advance

t4n6o (Andy)

thanks for the reply, but its not them films

not that one, I watched those the other day
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This sounds super familiar, let me do a little looking and I'll see what I can do for you.
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thanks Above the clouds, ive been trying to fo some reverse searching as well as looking through lists of horror movies and youtubing trailers

not sure if this helps, but it might be a B movie but not 100% sure

Lordi is pretty devilish. But I'm not sure about the presence of hellhounds.

Lordi is pretty devilish. But I'm not sure about the presence of hellhounds.
Fair enough, but yeah it fails to meet a number of details.

Gotta see that movie again.
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Do you remember what year it was? Maybe give us a range.
Not 100 % sure of the year, but I do remember seeing it either last year or the year before and I believe it was a recent ish film (say within last 5 years or so)

Is it Night of the Demons (1988)?
Not that one. Thanks for the suggestion

Is it As Above So Below?
Not that film, however that is a good movie

Gotta go with Prince of Darkness!
Not that one. Thanks for the suggestion

Similar plot points to Poltergeist 3. Henry Kane could be construed as the devil. Don't remember if there were hellhounds.
Used to love the poltergeist series and films when I was younger. SHame they dont make series like them anymore.

Unfortunatly its not poltergeist 3, but thanks for the suggestion - I feel i need to watch this again lol