kevin spacey as a life coach


So i really need to know this movies name because i have been trying to find it for 5 years now and i have given up.
kevin spacey is a life coach. this guy(dont remember actor) comes to him because he really wants to get laid with the australian girl who has moved in next door. he gets lots of advice, and then kevin spacey is a dick so he starts courting this same girl just to make the other guys life hard. then they have this showdown and the girl finally chooses the guy.

i am simply not able to find this movie. please someone help me. could it be that the actor isnt kevin spacey and only looks like him? maybe i dont remember any actor at all. this is very irritating for me as i am not able to watch house of cards without my ocd disturbing me everytime i see kevin spacey's face. thanks!

Thank you so much, imrunner! i guess billy bob thornton has the same evil aura that spacey has. i totally forgot his name haha