Need help remembering movie title :/


I remember seeing this movie when I was much younger, so it may have been from the late 90s but most likely the early 00's.

It features an incestuous/abusive relationship between an older sister character and her father (I believe she was the aggressor and was abusing/manipulating him. She threatens to tell on him to his wife/mom and specifically mentions a birth mark on his butt when he tries to call it off). I'm not sure that was the main plot, but there certainly was a sexually obsessive element to the story.
I don't remember too much of the plot other than that and the ending where the older sister gets killed by her kid sister with a ceramic mask that another character finds...I want to say either under her bed or in her backpack (maybe).

For all I know, I could've misremembered and that could be two different movies smooshed together, hahaha.

The reason I'm looking for this film isn't even to rewatch it. The song that plays during the credits is stuck in my head but I've had no luck finding it. I just know it's in this movie.

Does anyone have any idea what this movie is called?

Wicked (1998)

The song is 'Rabbiteen' by Jack Off Jill.

Thank you!!