MoFo Fantasy Football 2009: Week 12


Well, here we are again MoFo's. Turkey day is upon us and that means a bunch of bad football games and the start of another week of fantasy sports. Perhaps I speak for all when I say: YAY!

PW got back in the saddle last week going 5-2 and now a blistering, yeah blistering 46-31 on the season, its obvious only to me that I can pick fake games like the wind blows. What this all means in the grand scheme of things is anybody's guess I reckon.

I wonder what's going to happen this week. Let's find out shall we?

PW's Odd Squad vs. I-L-M-F

Whether or not Megan Fox can act has very little to do with this game in my humble estimation. Why I bring this up; I really have no idea. Seems worth mentioning. Anyway, PW must continue to roll if he's to capture the coveted bye week. And capture it I may if I can only win this week, due to the 'Bots and the Angry Men facing off this week.

Yahoo has me as a big favorite right now but I don't buy it. This game screams trap to me. I certainly hope I'm wrong but Bobby's team can be dangerous, especially with the news that Bradshaw won't be going for the Giants tomorrow, so lots more carries for that big Brandon Jacobs guy. This doesn't please me. Also, Romo gets the Raiders at home... ugh. I can't think of a better team than the Raiders to cure whatever has been ailing him the last 2 weeks can you? Well, maybe Detroit, but still. Anyway, I'm really nervous about this game but I think if my boys can just hit their average then I think I have a pretty fair shot because I-L-M-F has only broken 140 points twice this season. So here's hoping that holds true and my boys can get 'er done.

My pick: Odd Squad, aginst my better judgment

11 Angry Men vs The Replicants

Ooooooooo, this one's gonna be a humdinger! Two of the highest scoring teams in the league right here folks. The 'Bots have only failed to break 100 points one time this season and have peaked out at over 150, 4 times! 4!!! The Angry Men have broken 100 points in every single game this year! And have scored 145 or more in 4 games as well! Wow. ESPN just reported that Calvin Johnson is a gametime decision Mike, so its still possible that he may play. I leave that decision to you good sir. Right now it appears Lynch is going to be a gametime decision too so I know Seds will be all over that because I'm sure he would like to do nothing more than to pop Mr. Jackson in there; who is just a dynamite player by the way Buffalo, why you guys don't use him more up there is beyond me. But I digress... This game is so important to both teams. Personally I'm rooting for a loss, not really picky about who loses either. How PC of me right? Right now Yahoo has Yoder as the heavy favorite and maybe rightly so, but some last minute lineup decisions could swing this game.

My pick: Who am I kidding? I want them both to lose! Alright, fine. 11 Angry Men it is...

Da Bears vs. Slug's Sweeties

This too is a very important battle between two -6-5 teams that bith desperately need a win in order to stay in contention for one of the 6 playoff spots. It's quite possible that one and maybe even two 8-5 teams could get in so this is basically a playoff game right here. Slug's team just took another hit though as its being reported that Ahmad Bradshaw will not play tomorrow, so Sluggo will have to stick a sub in there and try to fill the gap. Da Bears have some good matchups this week and the newly acquired Justin Forsett will likely have a great game against who? You guessed it, the Rams.

My pick: Da Bears, keepin' the hope alive

Hired Goons vs. Beantown Champs

Sadly for WBadger his team has been relegated to the spoiler role and this week he sets his sights on Beantown, who put up a really nice win last week in order to keep pace with the rest of the 7-4 teams and must continue to not only win but also try to put up 100 plus points to keep ahead in the tie breaker. He looks preimed to do so with Jackson against the hapless Seattle D and Gore seemingly healthy. Matt Ryan may have the meds he needs with the lowly Buc's one the docket. Lynch may not play this week, so keep an eye on it Badger. Even if he did you've got your hands full.

My pick: Beantown Champs, spoil this!

Gadsden Flag vs. Wolverines

Make or break game for the Flag methinks. Right now Jay is on the outside looking in and needs a win this week to really stir things up. some more in this very competitive league. He made a last minute deal for Reggie Bush that could bring him happiness or misery. Hard to say. The guy is wildly inconsistent. LT looks to have some pretty tough games this week. And she must get better numbers from Cutler than she's been getting. Tough call though...

My pick: Gadsden Flag squeaks by

The Tateraters vs. Team Darcy

If there's a cream puff in this league then I'm sorry to say it Spudly, but you're it. Next time, please, please don't draft Ocho Stinko in the first round yeah? Darcy looks to still be without 'The Burner' but she should be able to survive his loss unless somehow Tater can put up a crooked number on the board.

My pick: Team Darcy, singing you to her

Flash vs. TONGO

The teams with one name square off this weekend, playing for pride and playing out the string. TONGO, now unable to trade any longer actually has a pretty good lineup I reckon and could very well take down his second win in a row this week. Flash, who has really gone almost the entire year without a running back is faced once again with hoping one of his two guys can pop so as to take the pressure off of Manning and Co. Good luck fellas and even though its been a rough year for the both of you I applaud you both, for continuing to try and make your team's better.

My pick, TONGO, ya big ape

See how easy that was? Man this is fun isn't it? Yeah. Good luck all!
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Heres a cool Jared Allen vid from He was miced up during the Seahawks game last sunday...

Matthew Stafford was miced up to during his game vs the Browns..

Mentoring Adrian Peterson (From the title I thought it was a comedy piece at first)

He didn't play him (wisely, I think). Even with the TD he only would've put up 9 points.

Donald Driver, on the other hand, put up 27 freakin' points. Of course he did.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I feel pretty good about this week, anyway. Yes, even with Donald Driver choosing to have his best game of the season this particular week. So far I've felt good about all 8 wins, and thought I'd lose before all 3 losses, so I've been right about my own chances every week. I still think I can pull this one out.

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Not if I can help it

I waffled on playing Driver, but the match-up was just too good, and Johnson was just too iffy to be a huge factor in the game, as we saw.

I have Cartwright slotted in my RB2 slot at the moment, which won't change unless Lynch is definitely not playing at all.
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I have to say the 3 man running back tandem is smart in real life (Cowboys ranked 6th in rushing, and the Saints 5th) yet awful for fantasy football. Just awful! Watching Tashard Choice yesterday run the ball then Felix friggin Jones run a TD in, Barber still got 12.20 but dayum any one of those 3 guys wouldve had a monster day if they did it solo.

They should not have played Stafford. A one armed Stafford isnt better than a motivated Culpepper. I think the Lions coaching has a ways to go still, and not just the players. I know what you all are thinking... "Ill grab Stafford and Megatron in the draft next year, and with their easy schedule it will be like Montana and Rice" Sedai had the same thought and thats why CJ went round 2 this year, but be careful the team has alot more areas to improve. Any one of the Cowboy or Saint RBs are better than Kevin Smith for one, bad coaching, awful defense, and whats scary is the Browns are even worse though I dropped Kevin Walter for Mohamed Massaquoi. Does anybody have a Brown on their lineup? In any league out there?

I still feel like I can beat Flash, but the Bengals are playing the "We might run Benson, Scott, and Larry Johnson...", and like I said its awful for fantasy points. Lets just say Im hoping the Vikings crush the Bears, and Houston limits Peytons productivity.

Ruh-roh; Michael Turner practiced the other day. That's actually enough to make me doubt my chances, as another start for Jason Snelling (against the Tampa Bay run defense) seems like a sure 20 points. If he doesn't start I have to probably have to play P. Thomas or Hightower in his place. Definitely bad news.

I have to say the 3 man running back tandem is smart in real life (Cowboys ranked 6th in rushing, and the Saints 5th) yet awful for fantasy football. Just awful! Watching Tashard Choice yesterday run the ball then Felix friggin Jones run a TD in, Barber still got 12.20 but dayum any one of those 3 guys wouldve had a monster day if they did it solo.
Yeah, I agree. As a fantasy owner it's frustrating, not because I mind a challenge, but because it seems like such a crapshoot. It's tricky enough, but the coaches are constantly saying things that end up being completely false. It'd be one thing if we had vague indications of workload that we could factor into our decisions, but it seems like they often use their platform for misdirection, which makes the whole thing a lottery.

That said, I have trouble getting too mad about the overall trend, because it's probably smart. If a team has two or more servicable backs, it seems plenty smart to rotate them, given how short their shelf life has been up to this point. The league seems to be trending towards more committees, and I really can't complain from a strategy standpoint. I'd just like each team's staff to be a bit more forthcoming (or simply honest) about how it's likely to shake out.

I'll plan as if he's playing, but if he's not, even with Norwood back I think Snelling's a must-start. Prolly have to sit Thomas if he plays; like him plenty this week, but Slaton's got that PPR edge, and the Saints backfield is still more like a minefield.

Gah. This is simultaneously the best and worst part of fantasy football.

I'll plan as if he's playing, but if he's not, even with Norwood back I think Snelling's a must-start. Prolly have to sit Thomas if he plays; like him plenty this week, but Slaton's got that PPR edge, and the Saints backfield is still more like a minefield.

Gah. This is simultaneously the best and worst part of fantasy football.

Such is the price you pay to have depth on your roster. Right now Ive been going thru the Cedric Benson tease - "Oh hes healthy enough to play but I dont want to commit to saying he'll play" Henh?! I dont know what good this does as the opposing team will just assume hes playing, prepare as such, and whats the advantage of the himenhaw?

Jay might be freaking out this weekend as Adrian Peterson missed practice sick. What if its the flu?! Interesting development if All Day takes a day off sunday. Chester Taylor will be hustling his lil butt off trying to look good with the opportunity cause next year hes a free agent, Btw Petey prob just now put Chester in his lineup or will if thats the case, and the game will depend on Brett Favre. Me likes that scenario

Allright lets do this....

Week 12 predictions (with the Thanksgiving Day advantage)

Hired Goons Vs Beantown Champs

Badger might have had a tough year, but he was right on Aaron Rodgers dammit. WOW what a consistency Rodgers is! He and Schaub might join Brady Brees Peyton in round 1 land next year. Takes more than a QB though, and even with Rodgers great T-Day performance, current score 39.72 to 14 Goons favor, Petey should win. Or will he?! Steven Jackson might be out with lower back spasms , Terrell Owens is back and looks to be a steady point getter again, buuuuut Eddie royal killed Badger getting 0 thursday, Marshawn Lynch aint worth a damn, and Matt Ryans & the Atlanta D will be hosting Tampa Bay, If Adrian Peterson cant play sunday Chester Taylors in the lineup sunday Im sure Beantown Champs fire the Hired Goons

PWs Odd Squad Vs I Love Megan Fox

Ray Rice might have a bad day vs Pittsburgh. Few runners dont. Tom Brady & Wes Welker vs the Saints is just a sweet dramatic fantasy matchup. Is the New Orleans Saints defense good enough to stop Brady? That accomplishment is one you cant brag about until its actually been done
, but I think the Saints are for real. Ricky Williams is gonna repeat last weeks performance. Why do I say that? Because he can, and is as good as any runner in the NFL. Fitzgerald will be key, but Im noticing Ladainian Tomlinson has emerged ILMF upsets the astonished Odd Squad

11 Angry Men Vs The Replicants

This is like one of those pre super bowl matchups! Donovan McNabb is gonna have a tough time vs the #1 pass defense in the NFL Washington. Rock he stepped right out of the tv screen in an episode of Gunsmoke meets Dynasty...and MJD will give the Replicants the running advantage. Oh btw WRs are great pointgetter in PPR, and 11 has the Reps beat there. All along I was thinking PWs Odd Squad and The Replicants would be in the final, but with Dallas Clark on Yodas lineup...well...theres a new sherrif in town! And their names 11 Angry Men!

Gadsden Flag Vs Wolverines

Two 7-4 teams, Kurt Warners back, Cutler never left but shouldve, and All Day might have the flu! Warner might be able to save Jay anyway as at the end of a winning season Kurt is as good as anyone. Again Randy Moss is in a tight game vs NO and nothing can be assumed there. Gadsden flags the Wolverines down, and carjack them!

DaBears Vs Slugs Sweeties

Two 6-5 teams, and another absurdly close matchup. Projected scores DaBears 122.62 vs Slugs 122.64!!! A .02 difference!!!!! LOL! I believe Slugs Arizona WR duo is due. Sorry thats all I got. This matchups like looking at two mirrors. DaBears fall victim to Slugs sweet honey!

The Tateraters Vs Team Darcy

Current score Tater 13.30 vs Darcys 49. Big Ben might, and should be out sunday, and Michael Turner should be in vs Tampa Bay. Darcy has had 5 out of her 9 players play, but Reggie Wayne + Housh + Michael Turner & Tony Gonzalez vs the Bucs = Too much for a Tater to handle

TONGO Vs Flash

I won last week! JOY! My running games a bit skewed right now but still looks better than Flashs' Julius Jones & Jerious Norwood duo. Pey Pey will be deadly, and Garcon is due. I think Favre will have a good day though no guarrantees Harvin will see the bulk of that. Percy Harvin is gonna be one of the next greats in the NFL, but not yet. I think Devery Hendersons due too or yanevaknow he might be like Eddie Royal and blank out. For some reason Im nervous. Ive felt more confident
and lost before. I almost dont want to give a prediction cause I feel Ill jinx myself Tongo wins!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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Unsure why you think Yoda has the clear advantage ad WR. I would think we are pretty much even, especially with my WR2 going off for 27+ already. My WR3 is in the top 10 this week, and is turning into a real power house. Yoda may have the edge at WR1 with Colsten just edging Jackson in value, but Jackson is still a sick WR1. I think we are pretty even there. It's all about Cartwright and MoJo for me this week. I need them to go off.

Unsure why you think Yoda has the clear advantage ad WR. I would think we are pretty much even, especially with my WR2 going off for 27+ already. My WR3 is in the top 10 this week, and is turning into a real power house. Yoda may have the edge at WR1 with Colsten just edging Jackson in value, but Jackson is still a sick WR1. I think we are pretty even there. It's all about Cartwright and MoJo for me this week. I need them to go off.
Ok I might have come off strong. Schaubs #1 target (Andre J) is worth more than Rivers #1 target (V Jackson). Brees #1 target (Marques C) has been worth more than Rodgers #1 target (Driver) up until this past month. Why would I put Jericho Cotchery over Sidney Rice? Brett has more targets available to him while a green Sanchez feels comfortable only with Cotchery or maybe Braylon Edwards. Yodas WR corp is whats got him to the show though where you and PW have deeper lineups with more quality RBs. As we near the playoffs Yodas RB work is saving his hide as people are double covering Marques effectively, and Cotcherys been injured.

Btw Yoda Id play Cotchery over Slaton because hes banged up and at best will be sharing carries with Chris Brown.

Yeah, I think Andre's definitely the WR1, and there's maybe just two or three guys in the whole league who match him at the position. But Colston is unpredictable and I agree with Seds about Driver; normally I think Colston over Driver is a substantial edge, but now that we know he's put up a season-high 27...well...yeah, that changes things. Rice is an interesting wild card with a very good matchup, too.

Anyway, I'm not sure about who to play, but Cotchery has a bad matchup, and I don't trust Sanchez, who's been pretty terrible, to overcome it. Slaton's pass catching abilities make up for a lot of the insanity going on in that backfield, the Colts have given up the 3rd-most targets to opposing RBs, and Kubiak (for what very little it seems to be worth) did say that he's going to start again, and that Brown's workload last week was more about the matchup than anything else. He's put up 12 and 17 points the last two weeks even splitting touches. Like with Hightower, it's very hard for the pass-catching backs to put up really bad numbers.

It's not a great situation, but if Snelling doesn't start I'm going to have to start at least one guy with some question marks. I had five (!) backs put up at least 13 points last week, so you can make a case for quite a few guys this week.

EDIT: I actually think there's a better-than-even chance that Turner sits again, however, which probably means sitting Thomas for Snelling. I'll be watching intently Sunday morning, because Snelling's one heck of a play if he gets the bulk of the work.

I think Seds is right about Cartwright's importance, but I think the biggest factor's probably going to be Brees-McNabb. McNabb's up against the #1 pass defense in the NFL, and put up something like 10 on them last time. If that happens again, and Brees tosses up another 25-30, that'll be pretty hard to make up.

Oh and it looks like Big Ben's out for this Sunday's game. This comes right after Charlie Batch, arguably the best backup QB in the league, went down. So now we're starting our third-stringer. Ugh; against Baltimore, too, and after two straight losses. This team can't catch a break.

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It's week 12 peeps and can you believe this, but NO ONE is a lock for the playoffs with only 2 games left to play! Unbelievable!! I never would've believed anyone if they told me this was gonna be the situation going into week 12. It's truly amazing. With 3 games played on Turkey Day, some teams are off to an early lead, but as we all know, that don't mean squat in the MoFo league! Well let's see if I can make sense to this mess with my week 12 picks:

PW's Odd Squad vs. I-L-M-F -
The Fox is off to a decent lead thanks to Romo and Co. making the Raiders look like a Pop Warner squad for most of the day. Unfortunately the Giants didn't hold up their end of the bargain and let Denver trounce them thoroughly, or Brandon Jacobs could've made Foxes lead much more substantial. PW has his work cut out for him, with Brady & Welker facing the Saints and Rice hosting the Steelers, his best players are facing HUGE obstacles that may prove too overwhelming to overcome. Not to say the Foxes team is better, but they have much easier match-ups than the Odd Squad and that may be the difference in this one. Ricky and LT have dream match-ups going up against the likes of Buffalo and KC, which could mean stellar numbers for Fox and bad news for the Squad. If the Patriots somehow blow-out the Saints and the Ravens can run on the Steelers, then PW will gain the “W”, but I'm not convinced that'll happen.

The Fox in a upset for the ages!!

Flash vs. TONGO -
This game is gonna be like watching Detroit against Cleveland, no matter what happens it doesn't effect the playoff picture, so we just wanna see these two teams beat on each other like gladiators in the Coliseum. Miles Austin has already pushed the Flash out to an early lead, and with Peyton and Garcon hooking up in the Houston game, he should keep the pressure up on team Tongo and his 1-2 combo of Favre and Harvin, which should do well hosting the Bears, but with Mason facing the Steel Curtain and
Benson questionable against the Browns, he has a lot of ground to cover and I don't think he has the weapons to pull it off, unless Houston somehow shuts the Colts down and Flashes Saints players get overlooked in the Monday Night matchup. Not likely, but it could happen...

Flash vaporizes TONGO with his cool light ring!

The Tateraters vs. Team Darcy -
What? No Big Ben? OUCH!! This is gonna be like watching the Pats versus the Titans a few weeks ago...U-G-L-Y!!! I'm not even gonna go any further with this one...

Team Darcy hands the Taters loss number 11 like that mother beating her kid in the toy isle at Walmart yesterday.

Gadsden Flag vs. Wolverines -
Now heres a game that really means something. Not to say a “Win and your in”, but more like a “Loss and your tossed”. Losing this one and that team is assured a view of the playoffs from the outside looking in and both teams have a lot of “if this happens...” or “if he plays to his potential...” going on and that is soooooo frustrating for these two I'm sure, since I myself find it rather difficult to pick a winner between the teams with so many “what ifs”, its too confusing to figure out on my own, so I'm gonna use the Victory Coin and flip for a winner. Flag is heads, Wolverines are tails...*flip*...

Tails it is. With a 17 point lead going into today, Wolverines stays out front and picks up win #8

Da Bears vs. Slug's Sweeties -
Now heres a match-up!!! Both teams are 6-5 and with a projected point difference of 2 points, this could be the game of the week! Although Slug is off to a early lead from Thursday, Da Bears has Rivers facing the Chiefs and White against the Bucs, so that point lead could be gobbled up faster than me hitting the apple pie last night during the Florida/Florida State game. Slug could see huge numbers from his players with a lot of favorable defensive match-ups, with only his receiving duo in doubt, since they both play for the same team and Warner may only find one of them, or neither if Fitzgerald blows up. Slugs has most of his team involved in the Titans/Cardinals game, so Da Bears just needs both teams to fizzle out and he will win this hands down. Good luck with that though....

Slug's Sweeties warms his feet on his new Da Bears skin rug

11 Angry Men vs. The Replicants -
1A versus 1B is more like it. One of these teams could potentially lose their bye week with a loss, or worse, be knocked out of the playoffs altogether. Not likely, but it could happen. I know Seds is hoping for the Patriots to completely hose the Saints Monday night, and if the Pats Defense can somehow do the impossible and shut Brees and Co. down, its lights-out for the Men. With all his big guns in the MNF game, he doesn't have the weapons left to face the Replicants head-on if his Triumphant Trio doesn't produce for him. The Bots look good in most of their match-ups but two. The first, Arizona D against the Titans and Chris “I'ma gonna run all ova yo' ass” Johnson, and second, he is starting a “Boogie Nights” reject with, get this, Rock Cartwright at runningback for the 'Skins. Rock Cartwright. Seriously. Who could lose with a guy named after a 70's porn star? Although I fully expect to see both teams fighting in the playoffs next month, one team has to lose and since I'm hoping for a HUGE upset Monday Night...

The Replicants roll to a 9th win thanks to Dirk Cartwright!

Beantown Champs vs. Hired Goons -
Man, I really need this win BAD! Being down 25 points doesn't help matters any, and with Jackson possibly out with “back spasms”, it don't look promising for the Champs. I need Matt Ryan to really crank it up this week against the Bucs, and somehow Gore has to put it into overdrive and get me that 4 touchdown game and 235 yards I've been waiting for all year. With the Goons starting Lynch and Lewis, I have a chance to gain at the RB slots, but I need a lot of help from everywhere else. If Ward and Collie can give me decent points, I think I can pull through. I'm actually worried that the Bengals Defense will score mega-points on the Browns and be the last nail in the coffin for me. For once, can the Browns PLEASE win?!! For me?! Just this once?

Beantown squeaks by with a 42 yard field goal by Longwell...or something like that

Thats a wrap!! Good Luck to Everyone and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
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