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Suggestion about Rep and New Members


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I don't think Yoda will mind deleting that negative rep for you, especially since the "creepazoid" has been banned.

As for minimums before rep ability, I would think at least ten. I just found out you need ten posts before you can send a PM, my bro just joined up and had to post ten times before he could reply to me.
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I doubt new members would often do this, so I don't think a specific post count to give out rep is neccessary. Unless this problem occurs often.

Idk. Its debatable. Not saying Sexy shouldnt have his rep repaired, but there is a joy in joining a forum, and being able to contribute freely without hindrance. Remember too that alot of folks dont create posts like horny rabbits, and if there was a 50 or 100 so requirement it may be a looong time by their posting habits and by then theyd get bored and leave.

It is a drag when some ultra weird being comes in and makes a thread "Tom Cruise is dead" or "Which celebrity abused in their childhood is your favorite?" or choose your marketing survey question. Imo its worth it to keep things open, and if there were to be a post requirement make it small. At this point its a nuisance, doesnt seem to be a major distraction (If Im wrong here ignore my post), but Id just hate us to cut off our nose to spite our face.

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On October 30th, a creepazoid who has since been banned - Shilpi10 - post count: 0, unleashed a grotesque amount of negative rep on me, all in the "I Love You" thread that I started many, many years ago (but a lot of people seem to think it's brand new).

I am pretty sure that I didn't deserve all of the negative rep that I got (I didn't count how many, but it was a lot).
It was something like 16 or 18 negative rep. I was wondering who and where those came from. I banned him. He joined as Shilpi10, and Shilpi100.

It's funny how often someone joins making tiny posts, aiming for ten posts to make a link, and they still receive plus rep while doing so. It's handed out like freakin' candy sometimes, and I can't help but to think that it's handed out that way, because the person doing the handing out, wants it back just as easily. Scratch scratch. Why else would a brand new member with no profile, and just a very few tiny posts, receive them!?! Hell, they usually don't even make a signature, or avatar. We've all joined enough boards to know that that's one of the first things we aim to do. Set up our account. Make it personal.

Tatty's right . . . It's lost it's meaning . . . or however it was that he worded it.

I don't think a post count is needed for this, because it's rare, and Yoda or Spudly can fix it. Do check with one of them though, because that was bull-*****!

Personally, I'm just aiming for a 50 post count before signatures can have links.

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I think it was something approximating -18, but I can't get the specific date function to work on the Post Ratings page. I think Yoda should clean it up. Whatever post limit you choose probably won't make a member stop from "going off" given certain conditions. I'm pretty sure it's happened before with long-time members. Therefore, I think banning and restoring rep is probably a better option than a post limit.
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Yeah, just say the word and I'll zap it all.

For the record, I actually got a fairly hysterical message from the user in question, who was angry about the thread. They thought we were talking about him/her/it, basically. Granted, that particular gag's gone over a few people's heads from time to time, but most of them didn't express outrage over it, too. Goodtimes.

Anyway, Lisa suggested a 50 post minimum for signature links, and I'm probably going to implement something like that (though maybe at 25; I'm not sure yet) pretty soon. I'm definitely open to restricting rep similarly, too.

Rep is more trouble than it's worth. I'm up for getting rid of it altogether. I always forget to rep posts and feel guilty for it.

It's nice to get positive rep cause you know people like what you post, or have to offer to this site. I personally don't pay much attention to the negative rep because it's useless to do so. If people don't like what I post..then that's they're perrogative.
But to give LOADS of unnecessary neg rep for no reason is unacceptable. I gave Jason positive rep to some of these posts (not all) to counteract some of these. It would be nice though if you Chris take these away. He really didn't deserve em.

Originally Posted by Fenwick
..I always forget to rep posts and feel guilty for it.
Same here.

I will definitely get rid of them when I get home today; sorry for the delay so far, Jason. I haven't built a decent tool to do this, so I always end up doing it by hand. Maybe now's a good excuse to get it done.

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25 posts is my vote
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Rep is more trouble than it's worth. I'm up for getting rid of it altogether. I always forget to rep posts and feel guilty for it.
The ironic thing is that i've got +2 rep for this post

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I agree it is a good idea for newbies to post at least 25 posts to be able to give rep by then you can see if the person is going to contribute positivly to the site or be a jackass.
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I think Sexy has a good idea. I know a lot of MoFos don't care about the rep, and I can understand that. But I enjoy it and think its a good idea. I can't seem to explain why. I don't know if the post count should be quite 100, but maybe 30 or 35 something in that range I guess. Oh well, point of this post: I think Sexy has a good idea
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I actually wouldn't care if the rep left period...
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I think everything should stay as it is. I do think though that if there were a way that folks could ignore rep or not see it at all, then we wouldn't even need threads like this.
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I agree with Caitlyn that I wouldn't even mind if the rep system totally disappeared, but since it is there, I do admit that I enjoy checking it out whenever I've got something new in my rep inbox.....

Plus, having the option to turn your rep off may lead to pranks -- I dunno, something like people giving constant negative reps to people who make it known that their rep system is off.

I agree with Caitlyn too and yet also, enjoy looking too see who enjoyed my posts. But how can the option of one turning their own rep off (which noone even mentioned in the first place) lead to pranks, let alone how can people give you negative reps if the rep system is turned off? js.