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MoFo Fantasy Football 2009: Week 8


"Eight, Eight, the burning eight. Between Sunday and Monday there lies a day so dark it will devastate."

"Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry sh*t continues, shoot me now, please." ~ Tank Girl

Oh me oh my... that was a big loss last week. Bummer. My boys put up a nice little score but my hat's off to Mikeython's team. I need to finish strong as do several other Mofo's if we plan to live on to see the MoFo fantasy football postseason.

I also had another weak week (heh) picking games and I am now 30-19 on the year. Just goes to show ya why they go ahead and play them I reckon. One thing is glaringly apparent, I can't pick the winner of my game for sh*t! I am a pitiful 1-7 picking my own matchup. Just sad... It could possibly stem from the unknown fact THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO WIN EVERY WEEK! Oh, well. Here's to next week and another potential victim.

PW's Odd Squad vs. Hired Goons

Oh dear, the wonder twins are on a bye but 'purple jesus lite' is back in the fold and does he ever have a team to run that little bubble screen on this weekend. I hope he gets 50 this week. I think I'm going to need it. I'm going to probably stick a receiver that was lost and now is found again back in the swing spot by Sunday but it may or may not matter. I've got a funny feeling about the Sea/Dal game this week so I may have to do something crazy (like sacrifice a few children to ensure a Seahawk victory). We'll see... I may just be all talk.

Anyway, good luck Badger and I'm sorry ahead of time for the beat down that is about to unfold on you this Sunday.

My pick: Odd Squad, this time I mean it

11 Angry Men vs. Team Darcy

What a great game. Obviously my slim playoff hopes would like to see a Darcy loss here. And its certainly feasible. The Angry Men have been nigh unstoppable this year and I see no reason other than Darcy breaking 200 points that will slow this team down.

My pick: 11 Angry Men, still angry after all these years

Da Bears vs. TONGO

It boggles my mind how Yahoo comes up with these scores. Last week they the Bears at an estimated 122 points. This week with only Portis on a bye they have his team at only 97. Finley may or may not play so that accounts for some of it but whatever. He's still favored and probably rightly so. TONGO says he now has his winning lineup in tow and now he's ready for some really real fantasy football. We'll see.

My pick: Da Bears, cheese fries and polish sausage

Gadsden Flag vs. Flash

You know I hate to pick against a winning streak but I'm afraid I have to here. Gadsden's matchups look to good. This may be the week where Barber out performs All Day, going up against my Seahawks this Sunday. I hope not, but its pretty likely.

My pick: Gadsden Flag, I love Sims- Walker!

The Taterators vs. I-L-M-F

You know I'm rooting for you Tater but man-O-sakes alive do you have some major holes this week! 6 player out on bye... yeesh!

My pick: I-L-M-F FTW!

Wolverines vs. The Replicants

Mike has already set himself up a nifty little tree house out in the backyard in anticipation of this weeks big game. I wonder aloud if he'll need it though. Yahoo has this game as a total blow out and I gotta be honest. I completely disagree. McNabb has been struggling, Driver gets the Vikings and MJD goes to Tennessee. Tennessee is going to win a game eventually. I'm calling for an upset here.

My pick: Wolverines, "Mike, get your ass outta that tree and bring my favorite blanket back inside!"

Beantown Champs vs. Slug's Sweeties

Close, close game, tough call here. Both teams desperately need to win to stay in the hunt. I like Sluggo's matchups slightly better than Petey's

My pick: Slug's Sweeties, keepin' hope alive!

And there you have it folks. We're now past the halfway point and now its time for the home stretch. Who will shine? Who will fade. Time will tell. good luck to you all!
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Gadsden Flag vs. Flash

You know I hate to pick against a winning streak but I'm afraid I have to here.

You dare make fun of My 1 game streak - thems fightin' words.

Just you wait till week 11, just you wait.

The World's Smallest Violin
I thought you'd won two weeks in a row? No? Sorry about that... Must be all that crack I smoked after my last big loss.
That's me with the 2 game win streak

A system of cells interlinked
LT will be please with the predictions...
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Nice writeup PW.

Some big, big matchups this week. All of the top four teams are facing each other! Darcy and I (5-2 and 6-1), and Mike and LT (both 5-2). Definitely the two biggest games this year thus far, other than perhaps MoFo Girlfight 2009.

Feeling very good about my chances. The Saints are up against Atlanta, who the Cowboys shredded through the air last week, and Steve Slaton's up against the worst -- literally, dead last -- run defense in football in Buffalo. Not coincidentally, they've given up more fantasy points to RBs per game than any other team.

But not all is well; Andre Johnson has a bruised lung and won't practice much this week, but should play anyway. But if he doesn't, I might have to slide Miles Austin into the WR role and move someone else into the Flex. Two interesting options there; LeSean McCoy, who looks likely to start in Westbrook's place but has a rough matchup (NYG), or Jerricho Cotchery, who's practicing again and was very reliable before his injury, but has been out for several weeks. Tough call, but hopefully Johnson recovers quickly and it becomes a non-issue.

I've still got things to worry about; Darcy's got Reggie Wayne and Michael Turner, both capable of taking over games, and the Tennessee pass defense makes a solid guy like David Garrard look absolutely fearsome. Here's hoping PW's prediction of a Titan win comes to pass. Like that prediction, by the way; bold, makes sense, and this team can't possibly be as bad as they've looked. Can they?

Anyway, good luck to everyone. We're going to have a much clearer picture of the playoff scenarios for a lot of teams after this week.

"He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.
Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac...
IT'S IN THE HOLE It's in the hole! It's in the hole!"
- Fantasy Golf with Carl Spackler

"Man I was drafted onto a team that can only be described as a jungle, and then they just dropped me. I was doing real good on some odd team that picked me up, then got traded away to the same jungle team that drafted me! They gave me up for some old timer! Before I got my bags unpacked Ive been traded back to the same team, and now I got to fight for playing time against the oldtimer! I dont even know if I should call a realtor and stop living in efficiencies"

- Nate Burleson on his plight in our league

TONGO Vs DaBears

Mikey is guaranteeing victory over Tongo, but the ape has had enough. Philip Rivers will definitely put up big #'s, BUT what if the Raiders decide to play?! What if... Doesnt matter because Deangelo is up against the Cardinals #1 run defense, Roddy White will get shiut down by the Saints because everyone knows the Falcons gameplan it seems, the Giants will stiffle Desean because the Eagles just arent better, and Devon Hestor will be okey dokey. I think my Johnny Knox though will be better. Im 1-6, will never make the playoffs, but Im going to win more than I have...starting with DaBears TONGO punts DaBears

Gadsden Flag Vs Flash

I think Flash will get the upset. I know it doesnt make sense as you can see the gleaming players amongst the rough called Flashs' roster (those are Colts youre seeing), but Jays Flacco is up against Denver - ouch! The Colts are playing the 49rs you say? Theyre tough huh? The NFLs measuring stick (Peyton Manning) hasnt been matched to San Franciscos Defense yet so until they shut down Peyton theyll be shut up. Speaking of Defense....St Louis Flash?! I know its a crap position but theyre so bad they might give the other team points...Flash takes the other teams flag!

Beantown Champs Vs Slug's Sweeties

Every player on Beantowns roster I believe has the possibility of scoring way low on a gameday, and has happened. Theyve all had ups, but alot of downs. Just no confident stability anywhere. As Chef Ramsey would say "Not good enough! Slug take over!

11 Angry Men Vs Team Darcy
Whenever you play 11 we all do the same thing, and see who the Saints are playing. Atlanta Falcons are ranked 26 on pass defense. Im sorry Darcy, it shouldnt be so easy to decide, there really are alot of things that could happen against the Saints, but such are the daydreams of analysts everywhere trying to look important.
11 Angry Men stay cranky.

The Taterators Vs I.L.M.F.

Glad Bobby changes his lineup dilligently, hes shown hes responsible, were all equal, blah blah blah... Tater get Michael Bush out of your lineup! Hes a RB cancer with no worth make me an offer Ill give you Jamal Lewis quick, and you have time to run him before Sunday! FFS people Tater has Kelley 4th on WR list Washington somebody trade him a good WR youll never use! Spudracer must not lose! Taterators will win, and we all should guarantee it Yes Im serious

Hired Goons Vs PWs Odd Squad

The dreaded New England Bye week. Yoda barely won his, and by less than one point! Taters greatest moment by far. I like Green Bay this weekend, and am so confident GB will win Im benching Favre, and maybe Harvin too. Will it be enough?! Hasselbeck isnt a confidence inducer. Im sorry PW...Hired Goons pound the Odd Squad odder.

Wolverines Vs The Replicants

This matchup should have been, and would have been awesome. Wolvies strength altogether looks like its on a Bye. Replicants beat the 2nd string

Spud your position is 4 in waivers. I think youd get Jerome Harrison no problem, and hes as good as Jamal. Hes ALOT better than Michael Bush.

Yodas right. Try and grab KC RB Jamaal Charles cause hes taking Johnsons place for one game.

I am half agony, half hope.
*sniff* Thanks for the support, guys, 'preciate it . Just remember that hell hath no fury...

I'll see you on the StatTracker on Sunday, dudes.
If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.

Johann von Goethe

*sniff* Thanks for the support, guys, 'preciate it . Just remember that hell hath no fury...

I'll you see you on the StatTracker on Sunday, dudes.
the StatTracker - sounds like a bar, and a damn cool name for a bar it is.

Oh, I'll be there. Believe you me. But I won't be alone; I'll be flanked by Andre "I Coughh Up Blood and Still Play the Next Game" Johnson and Marques "I'm Actually the Second-Most French-Sounding Guy on the Team" Colston.

Also, Drew "I Am Really Good At Playing the Quarterback Position" Brees.

A system of cells interlinked
I just have to post this as an aside, because it is so silly.

This is my starting line-up in my other league:

Aaron Rodgers
Andre Johnson
Vincent Jackson
Jericho Cotchery
Steve Slaton
Ray Rice
Visanthe Shiancoe
NY Jets Def
Mason Crosby

On my bench I have Matt Forte, Rashard Mendenhall, Darren Sproles, Jay Cutler, Mario Manningham and Anthony Gonzalez...

Crazy depth in this league!

Yeah in one of two other Yahoo leagues Im in heres my silly powerfull lineup...


Jay Cutler
Andre Johnson
Desean Jackson
Sidney Rice
Maurice Jones-Drew
Ray Rice
Dallas Clark
On the bench this week is Tashard Choice, Hines Ward, Tim Hightower,
Knowshon Moreno, Alex Smith, & Kevin Smith

I prefer the competitive 14 team league as you really do appreciate who you get. Im giving a damn way more about getting Correlll Buckhalter off a trade, and hes available on waiver with Brett Celek and others in that la-la land league.

Its waffling time!
Oh dammit I think Im gonna play Favre Vs the Packers. Whats sad is I dont even think Minny will win, but at 1-6 I cant trust my gut hunch. Orton feels like a sure play vs Baltimore, but the Ravens losing a 4th in a row? Could happen. Favre had a huge day vs GB in their first game though.

I think Ill be a mark and go with Favre. This game has more significance than the first for hype and history purposes, if theres any QB in the league that wouldnt be affected by Lambeaus cold it wouild be Brett, and Minnesota's simply strong as hell. GB has to protect against the run w/Adrian Peterson about, and the Ravens will do everything in their power to screw Kyle Orton up. That in itself can be enough.

the StatTracker - sounds like a bar, and a damn cool name for a bar it is.
I would go there on Sundays. WiFi, special tables with laptops holders or built in laptops. The local Guru tending bar. Lets do this.
Stallone is my hero!

Last-minute lineup doubt! Originally I thought the big decision this week would involve whether I'd have to sit Andre Johnson, move M. Austin to the WR spot and stick L. McCoy in the Flex. Now, it looks like Johnson will play and be close to his usual self, so it's all a no-brainer, yes? Nope.

Now, the big dillema is whether or not to sit P. Thomas for McCoy. Reasons for playing Thomas: he's flat-out better. The Saints figure to score lots of points against Atlanta. And McCoy has to play the Giants. Reasons for playing McCoy: he won't share time the way Thomas might, has no one likely to vulture his goal line carries, and should catch a couple more passes.

Very tough call. I like both for 10-15 points, so it might not matter, but you never know.

Westbrook hasnt been worth a damn due to an ankle injury, was yanked out 1st quarter for a concussion last game (Poor Slug). What did McCoy do with it last game cause Id assume the Giants would give him less. I say go with Thomas as McCoy you risk getting nothing. Theyll run Thomas over Bell or Bush.