2018 NFL PickEm League


Well, it's because of the competition.
Competition for who? New England has the same record in their division as they do against the rest of the league. You're coming up with imaginary scenarios that have no basis to them.

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God I hate the Patriots but I couldn't disagree with the weak schedule argument more. If you win your division you automatically plays the other division winners from your conference every year. Almost every division has two perennial mediocre teams. Wasn't too many years ago the AFC south was terrible. Central and West both had their moments. NFC west never seems to have more than one good team. Patriots success is staggering and I can't wait for it to be over.

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Whatever happens happens. Wish I could see the games today but work tonight (usually don't work Sundays, this is literally the only one). Hope they are close and exciting.

Yeah, I think the KC offense could prove to be too much. Anything can happen in one game (which is one of the reasons I don't ascribe metaphysical significance to playoff games), but I think Reid's probably smart enough to leverage their advantages.

I'm really not at all confident about Saints-Rams, if only because of the injuries. Sometimes those injuries on the line can ripple through an entire team's gameplan in unexpected ways, and as a very general rule the teams that actually win in the playoffs (see the parenthetical above) are just the ones that manage to stay the healthiest.