2018 NFL PickEm League


Every time I see something like that Vikings game, I just wait for the next one. Sometimes there's just duds, no special explanation required. Other times someone's found an exploit and other teams notice and copy and force counter-adjustments. We'll see.

I'm leaning towards it just being flukey, but I don't have a ton of confidence in that conclusion.

Did anyone actually watch the Vikings game? I'm guessing @seanc

I only kept an eye on the score while watching the Packers. The Packers are the worst team to support. Wish i picked the Lions or something, because at least i wouldn't have to watch (injured) Rodgers be ridiculous without any help. That 64 Yard Touchdown Pass is the best i've seen this season. There was a point where three different Redskins defenders easily made it through to sack Rodgers at the same time, then later some dude threw the guy in front of Rodgers down like a ragdoll while getting a hand on him at the same time. He has like 2.5 seconds before he has to throw.

Yeah, fun thing about early season upsets is you get to play "is this team not as good as we thought, or is that other team better than we thought?" Seems like lots of teams "announce" themselves that way, so by the end of the year you look at the schedule and that game doesn't look out of place any more.

EDIT: like, for example, maybe Josh Allen is just incredible and this will be the obvious explanation this time next year.

Meanwhile, the Pats have a real chance at falling to 1-2 tonight, but they're already listed as 9.5 favorites over the 3-0 Dolphins next week.

Am I misremembering or has there been a weird history the last few years of the Dolphins playing the Pats closer than you'd expect, on paper?

I think it's mostly fluky but it must say at least something about the Vikings. The Bills deserve credit too.
The Vikings only drawing with the Packers probably says just as much about them as the Bills destroying them

Am I misremembering or has there been a weird history the last few years of the Dolphins playing the Pats closer than you'd expect, on paper?
You're right on except that's mostly in Miami.

Thank god the Bears won, 8-7. Still annoyed i didn't go with the Browns though. Also the Jaguars lost 6-9?!?! What is this peewee football, lose like men!

Man you really realize how slow NFL games are when you're checking in on Flashscore periodically, it takes like 8 minutes to get through 1 minute.

My picks are all crap. I personally cant rely on teams I always use to. Redskins Beating The Packers. Titans out lasting the Jags. Bills Rookie looking better then The Browns Rookie. Im hoping Pats can deliver or Lions do what lions do and thats Blow Leads and mess up games they should win. Chiefs is my only pick i think can rely on cause Chiefs least will win their division unless Chargers play more consistant.
Steelers are winless, Packers and Carolina, Vikings or Chargers cant be trusted and while like Redskins and Saints they always mess up.
next weeks picks im just gonna flip a coin and let fate decided my picks

This has been a pretty awful pick 'em week - I would do better just flipping a coin on the winners. I may try it.
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Let us all not forget...Da Bears traded up to pick Mitchell Trubisky 10 spots ahead of MyHomie.