Conspiracy Theories


One of (the many) things you fail to understand is that I’m not here to “defend” my viewpoints
Yes, this is becoming quite clear.

and spoon feed you all the information. Do your own research.
I already called this bluff. You did the whole "go read it yourself" thing immediately, and I told you I had, then quoted it to you, and then...nothing. Which revealed the demand for what it was: a deflection.

And citations??? This is a freakin message board not a thesis!
Yes, how gauche to ask for something like supporting evidence.

By the by, you should probably decide whether your position is "it's absurd to ask for evidence" or "I've provided lots of evidence!" since right now you're arguing both simultaneously.

My time is valuable
And yet you find enough of it to reply over and over explaining why you shouldn't have to explain yourself.

And you are saying I’m not providing info? when I’ve provided way more information than you have. You are the one not providing info. You are just being negative and dismissing without providing any evidence to support a counter a argument.
Where are the argumentative calories in this paragraph supposed to be, exactly? It's literally just "I am doing the thing. You are not doing the thing!"

We can resolve this seeming impasse easily, though: just look at the posts I keep linking you to (a few times now), and note that they're full of direct quotes, followed by direct responses/syllogisms. Then compare them to your replies, where you don't specifically quote anything, or explain why anything is wrong with any specificity. You just say it's wrong.

The former requires thought and effort and can be meaningfully responded to and rebutted. The latter is easy, and literally anyone can do it whether they're right or wrong. So when someone does it, it's a pretty big clue that they're not actually making a cogent argument, and usually it means they don't have one.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost say it is Zotis, as their “speech”, so to speak, is quite similar.

To bring this back to topic, Z is the eighth letter after R. There are eight letters in "r e d a p p l e." After removing that Z from Zotis, you are left with the four letters, " o t i s." How many letters are in cigz? That's right. You think it's just a coincidence that the last letter, Z, is also the first letter, Z? The beginning AND the end, yo.

We are just scratching the surface!

The trick is not minding
To bring this back to topic, Z is the eighth letter after R. There are eight letters in "r e d a p p l e." After removing that Z from Zotis, you are left with the four letters, " o t i s." How many letters are in cigz? That's right. You think it's just a coincidence that the last letter, Z, is also the first letter, Z? The beginning AND the end, yo.

We are just scratching the surface!
It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma!

This is the real conspiracy here!
Red apple=Zotis! I don’t have to provide proof either! Do your own research, propel! The truth is out there!

*cues gif of The Scooby Gang unmasking Redapple only to reveal….Zotis!!*

minds his own damn business
It really transcends 'politics' at this point, and goes to a deeper issue of a breakdown of coherent reasoning. After all, you can find this breakdown pretty much across the political spectrum. That RAC is confident to have presented a "sound argument" is pretty damning in itself, and that RAC doesn't understand that having a sound argument necessarily requires one to be able to cogently defend said argument is yet another example of the sad state of affairs.

"If you don't believe, that's up to you." I mentioned already how "belief" is the most toxic ingredient in conspiracy theory, not because some theories are more or less believable than others, but because these kinds of rhetorical shibboleths inevitably leads to cultish allegiance rather than sincere inquiry and interrogation. RAC isn't interested in debating or convincing, but in sussing out whose team everyone else is on. If you don't believe in RAC's dogma (which needs no defending), then you're one of them. I wish that current political discussion hadn't devolved into similar tribal signifying - because ideally we should be able to discuss public policy in public - but unfortunately it's taken on a more religious aspect of private conviction, a subject that's only suitable for discussion among fellow travellers and true believers, away from the heresies and doubts of outsiders.

I'm being generous in assuming that RAC is a true believer, and not, you know, "LOL, troll confirmed".

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Cigz are often smoked with alcohol. Otis was Mayberry's local drunk. Aunt B was another character from the same show, and yet "apple" + "bee's" is a wonderful restaurant franchise that serves riblets. What's that? You'd like honey bbq sauce with that order? What makes honey?!? That's RIGHT!! mertherfergin' BEES!!!

Cigz - Z = C I G!!! Or...."see I G(et it)!!! Cuz I DO get it!!! And you're left with three letters there, the "I" cancels out with the "I" from O T I S, leave only the two letters C and G. What's the SECOND LETTER OF THE ALPHABET?&?2?4?????? BBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FULL FRIGGIN CIRCLE!!! YOU CAN BUY PIE AT APPLEBEE'S SO IT NEVER ENDS!!!&!4 JUST ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND AND PEE WEE HERMAN IS PART OF IT!!!! AND THE....C .....I ......(FIRST LETTER???) ......----....AAAAAAAA.....

I was thinking more along the lines of Joe Pesci but now that you mention it…..
Not to go into a whole commercial analysis, but the one with Liza Minelli was the Aretha Franklin one... so the joke had been made with Aretha and you thought it was over... then, at the last second, one of the guys in the car turns into Liza Minelli which was totally unexpected. That was the comedic brilliance of it - the element of surprise.

I think the CIA purposely throws out all the ridiculous crap (90% of the theories) to discredit all the legitimate ones. After all, they weaponized that word after the JFK assassination. But it works, and the "tin-foil" baloney. Has anyone ever seen someone with a "tin-foil hat"? I doubt it. Does anyone really think only ONE guy can take over a country (Guatemala, Iran in the 50s for example)? It's impossible. I'm sure there are a lot of things done by one guy, but nothing major.
Exactly this.*You get it and I can tell you’re woke.

It’s a well known fact that CIA puts out a ton of disinformation. It’s one of their main tactics. Why? Because it’s effective.*

Just look at the people on here who believe it. “Hey look this CIA guy said this, so it must be true” No! they are paid to put out BS to keep people confused. Why would anyone believe anything the CIA says? Makes zero sense.

And your exactly right about dictators and staging coups. I won’t get political here or mention names but all the major dictators had a ton of support backing them. Total team effort but one guy gets the spotlight.

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“Hey look this CIA guy said this, so it must be true”
Who is this CIA guy you think everyone is listening to?

minds his own damn business
How about this new info on the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer being some kind of FBI "sting" - with the entire thing having been set up and the plot itself even suggested by FBI agents to somehow entrap a couple rednecks and / or be a false-flag to impugn Republicans / Trump supporters before the last election?
Honestly, it's hard to sympathize with anyone who's attracted to the idea of kidnapping a governor. I doubt that the story had much of an effect on the election.

Another one is Stanley Kubrick directing the faked Apollo moon landing video in 1969.

NASA did not have the technology to go to the moon in 1969, so they had no choice but to fake it in order to win the Space Race against the Soviet Union.

Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey was a test run for the moon landing videos. Allegedly NASA provided Kubrick with the cameras used for 2001.

However There were several errors with the fake moon landing videos. At times it looks like the “astronauts” were on wires and the video was a regular video just slowed down. There is also evidence of front screen projection being used and you can see a light in the background behind the screen. Similar background shots used over and over with the same terrain. One rock looks to have been a prop and had a “C” marking on it because it was accidentally placed upside down. Also some issues with the flag waving and the compression under the lunar module should have been way deeper than what it was.

Kubrick allegedly tried to reveal his involvement covertly in his film the Shining by having the child Danny wear an Apollo 11 sweater in one of the scenes.

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Here's a fun one, ciggfried.

minds his own damn business
If only every conspiracy theory was as transparently obvious as this one.