5 movies you could not destroy!!!!!


The end of the world is nigh supersized squid can now survive on land, have teeth and enjoy human meat. You find a space pod that will take you into outer space where you will survive on some sort of space station, you only have 5 movies you can take with you, what would they be?

Batman Dark knight (brilliant and great replay value)
Dumb and Dumber (need a comedy and great soundtrack)
Vanilla Sky (I love the movie plus it has Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz as well as Kurt Russell of course, what more could you want)
Goodfellas (no explanation needed)
Blade runner (my fave Sci-if movie, there is something just truly special with the atmosphere of this blade runner world, gritty yet amazing)
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I think with 5 minutes remaining and the image of that uber squid in my head the last thing on my mind would be a movie, vanilla.

Somehow I dont think this would be cutting any list

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Well after saving as many people as possible, I'd go for:

T2 - cmon!
Tropic Thunder
Shaun of the Dead
Independence Day
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Aliens- better get prepared.
Stalker- earth was a pretty depressing place after all.
Lost in translation- whisky and Scarlett
Serenity- let me join!
Random porn- cmon, you wouldnt?

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Random porn- cmon, you wouldnt?
I would, but not random at all.
Fair enough, though tbh I cant really name anything newer than from say the 80s.

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Fair enough, though tbh I cant really name anything newer than from say the 80s.
You have a lot catching up before the end of the world, then.
Not saying I havent watched any, just dont seem to take much note of the titles

These aren't really based on critical preference, but more so my personal feelings for these films.

The Entire Star Wars Saga; including the Prequels (unfortunately--but we need the backlash), and the Disney Entries. (I'm cheating with this. I know.)
A Clockwork Orange
The Dark Knight
The Room
The Incredibles
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Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
Such a hard question. Most of the movies in my top 10 top 5 are pretty serious and dark. Id include some of them but I dont want to constantly rewatch dark and violent human movies by my lonesome. Like the op said it would be a good idea to have some humour and maybe a little nudity. I was thinking maybe having the original shrek, I loved that as a teenager, not sure how it holds up today and the nudity in it isnt great either. Actually Id add in the blues brothers. Good film.

LOTR fellowship
Blues brothers
Star Wars episode 5
Silence of the lambs
The godfather

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Home Alone
The Goonies

Only movies with high re-watch value and nostalgia would suit a trip like this!
Those are good ones.

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I think the scenario in which you have to choose 5 films that will survive as cinematic heritage for posterity is much better. The idea posed in this thread doesn't differ from 'desert island 5 films' one.

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Vanillapie this is a nicely thought out topic

I'll go for movies that I've already rewatched and I know that I enjoy rewatching them, out of these movies I'll choose those 5:

Rambo 2
Rocky 4
Dirty Harry
For a Few Dollars More

Captain Ron (got to laugh in outer space right?)
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The paramount friday the 13th movies (there awesome and I couldnt destroy them)
Superbad (I luv it)
Clerks (awesome)
Howard the duck (classic)
Halloween (amazing)
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