Jim Carrey-Lookalike Movie??


I have this odd memory from childhood stuck with me.

My parents rented a dvd one night. It was some wacky family comedy type film.

The main character was a Jim Carrey looking guy and the plot was that his parents were very overprotective of him and made him wear helmets and knee pads - stuff like that. I think he was driving some weird vehicle at one point.

The strangest thing is although Jim Carrey was billed as the lead on the dvd cover (think that's why they rented it), I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually him in the film.

That's all I remember. Unless it was some bizarre dream. Or it was actually JC. Maybe I will never die happy if this isn't resolved.

Anyone that helps will have rocked my world. Thanks.

Hard to fathom he'd be on the cover and not in the movie, so yeah, my money's on either mashed up memory or just someone else who because Jim Carrey in memory.

That said...maybe Bubble Boy?

Ah wow this is the one! It was actually real. The trauma from childhood is coming back. Yeah bizarre Carrey rip-off with the guy who played Doofy in scary movie (yeah how was that not a hit). Helmets, knee pads, travels in a weird van, overprotective parent (Dolly Parton WTF), I remember the dog too - it all clicks. Sounds like they were riffing on Bubble Boy too which makes sense, as Yoda mentioned. Watching back some clips and getting PTSD flashbacks of how the tone and humour is from another planet bad. Even as a kid I remember being disappointed in my parents for being duped by a straight to video hack job. Think what may have happened is the name of the actors wasn't on the dvd cover so they just went off the picture and assumed JC. They even dress him in a Liar Liar looking suit ffs. I will have to confront my parents about this and see if they can recall. Thank you for putting this demon to bed!

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The horror...the horror

Hard to fathom he'd be on the cover and not in the movie

Reminds me of when they put Jason Isaacs on the Lawrence of Arabia cover.

Weirdly, I remember the gymnastics portion of the trailer (those pigtails on a mustached guy... actually, looks like what we see a lot of these days, especially the idea of a guy posing as a female to compete in women's sports) but I digress... I'm assuming the commercial was on TV a lot when this was coming out since I remember it.