Do you lend DVDs to friends? What if they keep them?


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I don't generally loan DVDs. You never know if the loanee practices proper DVD etiquette, because let's face it... DVDs are fragile, and once one gets scratched, it's worthless.

Not to mention, you might not get something back for years... no matter how many times you ask for it. I've got a friend who just assumes he can borrow stuff from me, and he always looks bruised when I tell him "no." But then I just remind him about that CD he borrowed from me that I haven't seen in eight years.

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Yes, but there are problems. I lent movies to a friend on a weekly base and always get some stuff in return. It has worked out quite well, but no he wants "30 Days of Night" back, cause he hasn`t seen it yet - and I have no idea, where this damn movie is.

I don`t lend my DVD`s to everyone of course, some people are not trustworthy, even if they are nice.

I borrowed a two disc dvd from a friend, he sent it me through the post. I opened the package and it sat on my mantelpiece for a few weeks. When I came round to watching it there was only one dvd in there. I called him and he swore it was complete when he sent it. I believe him cos he's a straight up guy as well as being far more anal about thigs like that than me, but really how weird. No one in our house had touched it either. The only conclusion I could think of is that it slipped out in the padded envelope and I threw it away with the disc in there..seems kinda unlikely, but hmmm. Anyway I had to fork out £18 to buy a new one for him. Should've bought it myself in the first place cos now I'm left with disc 2 of a 2 disc series

I let a friend of mine borrow a couple of dvds, and he said that he watched them, but never brought them back. I reminded him a few times, but he always claimed to forget. Eventually, he wrapped them and gave them to me as a Christmas gift, and seemed genuinely upset that I didn't give him a gift, in return.

When your friend ask you want borrow your dvd's and they did keep it your dvd?

Yes or No?

My answer:

My friends don't ask me to borrow dvd's.
When it comes to allowing friends to borrow things I make sure they're not the type that think being forgetful and irresponsible are an endearing quality that "makes them who they are."

I do lend them out but, only to a few people and only with knowledge that I may never see them again.

I remember borrowing a DVD to my brother. The Others Starring Nichole Kidman. When I went over to his house sometime later, I saw The Others. I said have you finished with it, and to my surprise he said what do you mean that's my DVD isn't it. We both had a good laugh.

My friends would never steal my dvds.. Why be friends with a person you're not sure of whether or not will steal from you?
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I do on occasion. I let a friend borrow The Walking Dead season 1 a couple months ago. I got it back after about a month. If it's more than a month or two I start sharpening knives and loading glocks.
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Yes, but only normal edition dvd or blu-rays. Never let people borrow steelbooks, special packaging and so on, unless I take a film round myself to watch with them.

Any time you loan something to a friend, you risk not only losing that thing, but losing that friend.

That said, I rarely loan out discs I really love, except to family or very close friends. And even then, I'll heavily emphasize how careful I'd like them to be with it. Seems to work. Sometimes I don't get it back for awhile, but that's usually because it's not terribly important to have back right away.

No, I rip the DVD, ask for a USB stick, and give it like that, that way, there will be no problems and my DVD's are safe
i have tried for a few years to do this, and i couldnt figure it out. i cant get past the anti-copy thats imbeded in the movies.
back to the topic

i do lend, but its usually just the one disk, not the whole case and the slip cover, and not both disks.

i dont lend out things to anyone i dont know where they live and or work. if i lend something to a "friend" then i didnt want it. or it was just a boot leg anyway.
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no! i let my friend lend my dvd, but when he returned it, omg, full of scratches .

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I recently loaned my friend a dvd boxset of "Shameless series 5" and it took him ages to return it, then when he eventually gave it back it was missing a disc... I am still very annoyed about it and I have not loaned anything since.
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Yes and No, I have friends that I lend DVD's to and friends I don't lend anything to. Once you get to know someone you find out how good they take care of stuff. So it varies from friend to friend.