Box with a fist that comes out and hits a woman


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A woman comes to one's house to take care of the house, I think.
On the wall is a box that says mind your own business.
The woman opens the box and a hand comes out of the box with a fist and hits her.

I only remember this scene.

can you tell me the name of the movie please?

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Gah - I can almost picture it. I want to say it's a slapstick comedy from the 70's/80's... I just can't quite place it.
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Can you remember certain details from the movie, such as the main actors, etc?

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Was just watching "The Haunting" 1999 which had a rather dramatic scene in which a giant ghostly sort of fist comes out of a door and wallops a very terrified woman!

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It could it be the comedy "Drop Dead Fred" (1991). I remember a scene involving Fred (an imaginary playmate come to life) with/and in a small box.