Title of 80ís or 90ís film needed


I saw a movie years ago. Story was about a loser kid/guy. One scene I can recall that he was shucking clams in a bar and accidentally served the bad ones to a patron and he dies. The other Scene is the ending where he is riding away on a moped and he gets shot. They think he escaped and they find him in the woods dead. His friend doesnít tell anyone to keep his legend alive. I have exhausted all other methods. Hope you folks can assist. Thank you

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No idea. I'm curious though. Can you explain more about how he got shot? I mean, was he on the moped trying to escape some danger? Or was he just randomly out riding and shot for no reason other than dumb luck?

Also, you mentioned "to keep his legend alive." Can you give any more on that? Sounds like maybe the movie was based on a sort of celebrity at bad luck. Like how Mr. Bean movies always have him blindly (and comedically) stumbling into situations. Bumbling hero type. Was that what this guy was, if you remember? Two deaths are in your description. Were there a lot in the movie?

Was it more comedy or something else? Can you think of any other movies with a similar style or mood? That can help tons weeding out ideas if they don't match.

Good luck with this one!

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Thanks for inquiring. The guy is a bit of a loser and there is someone younger that looks up to him. Towards the end of the film he loses goth in him. At the end he is escaping the police and as he rides away they shhot at him and they think he got away. At the end the younger character that looks up to him is in the woods and comes upon his body in the snow. He doesnít tell anyone to have him remembered as a hero to locals and because they affiliate the younger person as his protoget.

The bar scene although it was brief was memorable. The guy who ate the clams has a shaved head and may have been a biker. The kid was working at the bar and shucked the clams but delivers the wrong plate and he dies. It demonstrated how incompetent he truly is. These were the only 2 deaths I remember in the entire film.

The ending kind Of reminded me of when they find the dead boy in Stand By Me. They gather around and just look at him and the narrator speaks.

Thatís is all I can remember. Sorry I donít have more to go on. I have searched for a week with no success. I am hopeful one of the avid movie watchers may recall.

Thanks again.

sounds a bit like the ending to Shane, not it of course, but you could search movies that ended similarly, or movies where the good guy dies at the end if you haven't already.