Cops & robbers wedding meal in a bar scene


2 families - one family has 2-3 generation of cops, the other are criminals but they are now married into each other and the scene is them sitting down to dinner.

Within the last 5-6 years. Not sure if this is a movie or TV series

Which family is with the husband/wife? I haven't seen the show myself, but Blue Bloods is about a family of cops, doubt one marries a criminal, but its a possibility. Also, what type of criminals? Italian mafia, yakuza? usually in mafia films there are a certain pick of actors that are always mafia. Can you describe the husband/wife at all? age, hair color, mustache, maybe if they remind you of a certain actor? I may not know the movie, but maybe I can find someone who was in it.

The wife is on the cops side I'm sure and they strike me as from Irish heritage, maybe Boston or New York the scene is set. The brother on the cops side has a go at the other family for what the get/got up to.

Can't picture any actors face but the arguing cop I think had fair hair/light brown ( I know that's not much to go on)

I watched Ray Donovan last night at it made me think of it when the two families came together for Bunchy & Teresa's wedding but there's that many scenes that are going through my head right now that I might be morphing them into one.

I've got it!!!! I double checked the scene I was talking about and another wedding scene from another character came up.

RAY DONOVAN. Thanks for your help 🏻

No problem, so glad I could be of use