Man kills woman with copier machine


Intro, I think. Blonde woman in office building when her boss? an older man, slams her head into the copier machine till she dies, and it prints copies of her head, with blood leaking on the paper I believe.
Maybe 80's or 90's movie, but I don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction.

And if you do know, please no spoilers, thanks.

Just saw the trailer and I did see the woman get her head slammed, but I'm not sure that's it. i mean, the death is exactly it, but the people are different. i'd have to actually watch the movie, but think its something else.

From what i remember, it was like a sexy blonde with a full view of the guy that killed her. It could be a different movie im thinking of, but i think there was a shootout at the end, and there was a newspaper that printed out that there was a massacre.

Did Cutting class end like that? Thanks.

Hard to imagine the death being the same in two films. Probably it, especially because it's very common to merge memories like this.

Not sure how he can answer that follow up about the ending without spoilers, though.

That's what I was thinking, if it is, im glad to know after all of these years, but slightly disappointing because ive played it in my head so many times. as for spoilers, I was hoping that what I said could be either confirmed or denied. sorry if I haven't been too helpful, first post.

thanks for your time.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Thus is bugging me. Take a look at Mean Guns (1997) and maybe The Belko Experiments. I know the latter doesn't fit your time frame but like Yoda mentioned, could be the memories are blending.

mean guns could definitely fit the second half, and the video feels like that's around the same time as the first one so maybe I can check movies from that year. The second one, too recent to be what I was looking for, but that's an amazing premise, with a decent looking cast, and definitely worth watching. im sure i saw both of those scenes around the same time, so its completely possible that i watched the first part, switched channels, and watched the later part. Thanks for all the help so far.

so I just finished watching cutting class, and I repeated the copier machine part quite a few times, and the angles were wrong among other things. Usually when I find an old movie ive seen I get a holy crap eureka moment, and this one is missing. I'm now starting to think one of a few things from extra searching. This is it, but ive just romanticized that scene. Its from a movie that didn't transfer to dvd, and unless I find the vhs version, ill never be able to find it. (im leaning towards this one.) Or maybe I fell asleep during a movie and just dreamed of that scene. This is really irritating because this is the first movie as a kid that ive only seen once, and haven't seen or heard of since while continuing to actively look for it. I have had a few people say it sounded familiar, but other than that, nothing.
If this is the second one, then the guy that killed her is like a Christopher plummer, jack palence, or james Cromwell type bad guy. the face escapes me, but I think she was killed because she was a whistle blower or rejected his advances.
Im going to give this thread a few more days and hope what I saw is found, then im just going to accept cutting class. It feels wrong, but if what I remember cant be found, it must be it.

Yeah, I know that feeling. Fair to keep looking, but it is pretty crazy how memory changes things sometimes. Hope you find the "real" one or otherwise get the satisfaction watching it again, though!

Thanks, though i have a bad memory to start off with. Besides, it didn't take long for someone to find the right death so I'm definitely in the right place. Cutting class must be it, so this thread will now be officially answered. Thank you very much cricket, im very grateful for the quick assist. And thanks to ynwtf, I ordered mean guns and will be watching it as soon as it arrives. Lastly thanks Yoda for your helpful intput, Im glad for the quick responses.

One down, few more to go.