Rate The Last Movie You Saw


Tully (2018)

Good film with good issues and somehow weak. 6/10

Jurassic World. 8/10. While there were certain aspects I didn't like, the special effects were brilliant, the indominus rex was a cool concept (mad murderous mutant dinosaur with high intelligence) and I loved how it paid tribute to the original Jurassic Park and also gave us a really cool final battle. The movie managed to make the dinosaurs feel like actual characters in their own right.

It's a Gift (1934)

My second W. C. Fields movie after The Bank Dick, and I just think he's hilarious. This is 65 minutes of non-stop laughter.

MACARTHUR: (1977).

I have always enjoyed the work of Gregory Peck. MacArthur is no exception. It is not his best film but it is perhaps the most inspirational role of his career. He did win a Golden Globe for his performance. This is the epic story of the enigmatic US military commander's effort to return to the Philippines from where he was forced to leave when Japanese forces invaded in 1942. The 5-Star General is credited with many stirring quotes.. but arguably his most famous one was what he told the Australian people. "I came through and I shall return" Referring of course to his steadfast desire to once again lead his men in the Philippines. He did but it took three more long years after battling bureauocracy at home as well as the relentless Japanese Empire. Many will say MacArthur is a long winded talk fest. Yes it is certainly short on action being essentially a war film. But the excessive dialog is paramount to the viewer's acceptance of the story.

I laughed. I cried. Its an 80s B movie fever dream. That opening was legitimately great as was many of the action sequences. Very deserving of its cult status and a big thanks to RLM for getting me interested.

Its not a movie, its an experience/10

Saw Mission Impossible: Fallout at the cinema today. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back getting in over his head trying to stop some very bad guys getting their hands on plutonium with the intent to detonate nuclear missiles, and finds the plot leading back to his nemesis Lane (Sean Harris), who he captured at the close of the previous film. The newest instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise is entertaining enough, and does have a pretty epic and thrilling last act, but overall I didn't think this was on the same level as Rogue Nation, which is one of the best action films of the decade and to me had a much stronger story too. 

Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan directed this true-life WWII epic of the massive evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk, France between late May and early June of 1940. There were in excess of 300,000 men rescued, but of course with casualties happening all through the evacuation. This with the German military advancing on the Allied troops who were backed up against the French side of the English Channel.

The film follows efforts on land, sea, and air, with certain individual characters in the forefront throughout the film. Fionn Whitehead is the first major character that we see and will follow throughout the film, as he goes from one "almost" rescue to another, each one foiled by the enemy cutting off or destroying his escape route, or by boats being too full to carry him off. I found his character most compelling and wondered throughout the movie, "Can't this guy catch a break?" We also have Tom Hardy as Farrier, a fighter pilot who loses fellow pilots along the way, but never gives up in his attempt to trail and destroy the enemy, especially a heavy bomber that is aiming for incoming rescue ships. Then there's Mark Rylance as Mr. Dawson, an Englishman whose private craft is requisitioned by the British Navy to help cross the Channel and rescue stranded soldiers. His son and a local boy make the trip with him. They rescue a lone solder played by Cillian Murphy, who is shell-shocked and at first a hinderance, then a help in rescuing soldiers. His character causes a bit of tragedy but he cannot help it.

There are many stunning vistas caught on screen, including the massive amounts of men lining the long pier known as The Mole while they await their rescue; aerial dogfights that seem a bit more realistic that the average movie plane fights, showing how difficult it is to get an enemy plane in your gun sights; an almost beautiful stretched-out landing onto the Dunkirk beach by a pilot who has run out of gas, showing the lonely stretch of beach, the ocean, and his plane lit by the sinking sun; the regatta of scores of pleasure boats coming to the rescue for the men; the tension of men trapped in the hold of an abandoned ship, waiting for the tide to come in, and being shot at through the hull, with water leaking in quickly.Just so much memorable brilliance packed into less than two hours. I loved this movie and it's about to kick some poor, lesser entry off of my favorite war films list.

"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Great Outdoors

My wife came across this movie for cheap and wanted to watch it. I had never seen it, but I have always loved John Candy. I'm not quite old enough to judge quality on this against other movies of it's era, but it was pretty good from my understanding. I can see why it isn't viewed the same historically as Planes,Trains, Automobiles or Uncle Buck though. Dan Aykroyd was terrific in this as well.

Missão dada é missão cumprida!

Words can't express how much I loved this film.
When Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) dances "The Red Shoes" in the middle of the film, tears started to roll over my face, I was so amazed, so happy to see that perfomace. An achievement that is just possible in cinema! So beautiful!

The most personal Bergman film, of course I watched 5h 12min TV version, I wanted it to be longer! The first episode was my favorite, what a great introduction to the family, I loved every member of the Ekdahls family, even the stupid Carl. And what a great performance by Jan Malmsjö!

A reflection of death and art! A fusion between cinema and theater! Very good!

The last show ever by Theatre of Tragedy. A shame Liv wasn't there for at least one song.

Dark Wave at his best.
TBM is one of that bands out of my safe zone that I love!
This performance was great.
I Ain't Got Time to Bleed

Metastaze (2009) - 66/100

As a story about the Croatian lower class, it feels genuine, but kinda dull. Many scenes drag on and don't amount to anything, but to give credit where it's due, the acting's consistently great.

The movie only really gets good when it's about Krpa, a funny, believable and intimidating thug character. Thankfully, that's about half od the movie.

There's not much more to say here.

Favourite line: "Sad izgledaš ko dva šiptara" (Now you look like two albanians)

Flames of War. 7/10. Interesting documentary, it's in English and it gives us some unique insight into the terrorist mindset which we would never be able to get from any other source than themselves.