Happy Anniversary, matt72582!


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Happy 4 Matt!
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Thanks everyone - time flies when you're having fun.. And a thank you to any future ones, as I might not be able to get to them. I have no internet connection, and even when I give a THUMBS UP, it might show it went through (when I'm in the front yard), but I see not every message really goes through. I've stopped rating bad movies, but I haven't been watching many (since many of them are from YouTube, etc), but I'll definitely find some time to post up the good stuff.

Happy Birthday to a valid member of MoFo!

I hope you can get internet in the future so you can keep posting on a regular basis.
The MoFo Top 100 1930s Movie Countdown, it's OUR countdown so check out that link and be a part of it!

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Happy Anniversary my fellow Matt.
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